Breaking Points

“In order to bring peace to your mind, you must first reach a healthy level of relaxation, focus, and clarity.”  #StuffRareSays
©rarenwise 2018

Breaking points: 

We all have them. One can only take so much before they burst. Simply remember to stop for a moment, breathe and let go. Sometimes our greatest losses are caused by tensions that can easily be let go of BEFORE allowing a moment of impact to create millions of moments in regret. To be honest, when we are angry, upset, sad or dissapointed we forget that there is a simple shift in our thought process that can be done. While we all tend to focus on the negative more, we let our positive moments slip through the cracks. As I’ve said in the past… Wthout the negatives we CANNOT have the positives so……..

“Let us see our blessings rather than our failings.” #StuffRareSays

Message to my poetic lovers:
Another poem coming tomorrow!!!



Where’s Your Focus? (#Stuffraresays)

Photography © 2016 Rare-Ity

Photography © 2016 Rare-Ity

“What we focus on is what grows. If hatred is what the world sees, hatred is what the world breeds.” ©Rare-Ity 7-10-16

In order to make a difference, we must first stop allowing the divide. Unity is vital. Not one human on this earth is better than another. or lesser than others. We are all uniquely crafted for a purpose. Imagine the power that could emanate from combining our forces. It’s set in stone, “United we stand.”


The Catalyst of All Things Wrong in the World

The thing about being petty: You’re the one who faces the wrath. Trying to hurt others because you want to get one up on them, only shows the true color of your character. To be vain, is not living at all. In the end, YOU will always be the bad guy. You see, in a world where people grow, people change, and people make choices, why it is OK for many people in the world to think as grandparents they suddenly have a claim or right to a child that they didn’t create. They don’t. I see people fighting amongst each other over the most irrelevant things on social media that often, I just want to shutter in terror that the world has come to this kind of behavior. Divorced moms, against divorced dads. Friends against friends, parents against children, at what point do people realize that is not what life is about. To destroy a young child’s life because you want, what you want, doesn’t help them, it helps you. In my experience, I have seen when parents talk badly about the other parent, or rips the child away from the parent, and to tell you the truth, it never works positively in their favor. Why? Because that child hates you for changing, or in other cases, ruining their life. Dad used to say, “Do it because it’s the right thing to do, not because it’s easy, or benefits you.” Well he was right. He was always right. I’m again slightly heated in this post because I see a world of utterly shallow, and oblivious people. How can anyone believe ripping a parent from their young, that they have done so much for, is suddenly the best thing for the youngin’? It’s not.

Bitterness is an ugly monster. Being petty, is truly the vainest way to live. Here’s the point. To be petty, bitter, and vain only turns everyone you’ve hurt against you. In the very bitter end…. Think about it. What do you have…………………….Exactly!

Here is my message: see the light in others, and treat them as if that is all you see.

Wisdom is knowing that judging others is a form of discrimination.

Talking down to others is hate.

Attacking others is hate.

Being cruel and unusual is vain.

When does the difference kick in?

At what point do people start seeing these messages and say, “Yeah! Why not make a difference?”

The world can be a beautiful place, we just have to open our eyes and see people as we would like to be seen.

Mom used to say, “Treat people the way you want to be treated.”

And “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it all.”

First of all, these are great points. Why? Because respect is a two street, and talking dirt always comes back. But most importantly, the universe. Our minds, words, and thoughts are powerful. What we send out, comes right back.

In conclusion: This week I’d like to see you reflect on these words with what do you have inside you? Courage, strength, fear, happiness, generosity. Etc.?

Have you ever once thought you’d like to make a difference?

What if I told you, your chance was now?

What would you do?

Most importantly, what would you tell me?????


A Forgotten Generation

I was strolling through my feed this evening and saw a quote around the lines of

“The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of all kinds.” Quoted by Dalai Lama

The sad part is, more people thrive on drama, strife, and sabotage than anything else. In a world crumbling every day, how can we sit back and allow so many terrible things to go on around us. People are targeting each other due to personal vendettas. People say horrible things about others on social media, not realizing they are making themselves look un tactful. People holding others back because they’d rather shine brighter than everyone else.  It’s shameful that in the world we live in today, it is a norm to do these types of things, and act in such a way. It makes me think of children. When someone doesn’t get what they want, they then throw a tantrum and enact revenge. Is this right?

I am not mentioning this due to any personal experiences. I am merely observing a community around me act in such a manner that horribly discourages me from wanting to be a part of it.

Is this behavior what we want our future generations to learn? Are we ok with watching our world fall apart every day?

You see, there is something beautiful in the way a tree turns over a new leaf. The bright vibrancy full of promise, and life give out hope for another fruitful year.

Dad used to say, “There is more to life, then what’s meets the eye.”

I do not think it is OK to especially as a leader to target a local businesses because you think they do not support a specific cause. Lately, I have been seeing this happen more and more. In a town that has an abundance of tourism, who would want to visit knowing that our leaders led by gaining fear, not respect?

“A true leader leads by example.”

Do you know what that means? It means if you want people to do the right things, do them yourself. Two wrongs do not make a right. You rise above, show true integrity by being a leader, not stooping to anyone’s level.

I suppose the point I’m trying to make here is, that when do we as human beings finally step in to make a difference. Understand that without uniting, we have nothing. Without working together, we will all suffer. Without seeing, and greeting with a humbled mind, we will all drift into the forgotten because we will become extinct ourselves. How many of you, my readers are with me on this movement?  Is it OK to allow what was once a beautiful heritage, foundation, tradition, or cultures get torn to pieces because “The new kid in town” moved there for the beauty but suddenly doesn’t like it?

Is it OK for others to hold you back because you seem like a threat?

Is it right to tear at one another because something didn’t go your way?

What is right?

A better, newer way?

Are we doomed to repeat history? It was once said that until the lesson is learned you are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

Hence, maybe the way we treat others is a key factor in this huge game we call life. I am going to leave you today with this thought to ponder.

 “We get in return what we put out. The more focused we are on the negative that is what we receive. Focus on the positive, and that is what we’ll receive.” #StuffRareSays