Shhh! The Baby Is Sleeping!

You've just gotten your kid down for their nap. Ahhh! silence. The crisp, and peaceful serene moment you are FREE! Well... Kinda! I promise you that there is a phone call spirit watching over you. You will not be bugged, nor bothered or prayed while you are busy, and free to take calls. No! You [...]

It’s a Birthday Thing

All those emotions we go through as we embark on a new year of our journeys. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming. Here is my dilemma: I am now twenty-two years away from the age my mother was at her passing, and thirty away from the age my father was at his passing. Yesterday, I Struggled [...]

It's live!!!

OK guys i'm nervous about this. I'm just nervous in general having you guys see my dorky exterior 😛 I just  posted Salvaging on YouTube Click here to enjoy the video now 

I Finally Did It!

OK guys, so a lot of you have been asking for this a lot. Today, i have decided to give you a little more of me. I posted another You Tube video. It's been a while. I'm sorry for that. Head on over and check it out. Let me know what you think? Introducing myself [...]