As Real As It Gets

First, let me say that for those of you who follow me on instagram, you already know that I was at a weekend retreat this past weekend with a group of young college girls from CC College.
After a fierce weekend full of retreat, work, retreat, second job,retreat, revelations, and groundbreaking events, I AM Here’s the thing, at the end of it all,  I did want to leave those young woman with an everlasting impression before they left. therefore, I read them this.

Can I just get real with you for one moment

Each and every one of us sitting in this room are unique. We were born to be different yet so alike. We we’re never meant to tread the same path as one another and we were never meant to fit in.


What an interesting concept….

Do you know what it truly means to be diverse?

You would not buy a puzzle and pick out certain pieces because you feel like one doesn’t fit into the whole. You take your puzzle home, and build. #StuffRareSays

As We build this puzzle we see each piece has its individuality…. they are ALL different. #StuffRareSays

So why look at a another human and judge them based on their individualism? #StuffRareSays

Isn’t the uniqueness of who we are what makes the world so beautiful. The fact that you are NOT like me. I am NOT like you. WE are not like each other. But rather ONE With all of our differences.

With that said, while some think being unique is bad. I believe that it is what makes the world such and interesting, valuable and spectacular place to be.

Common thread

Lets us not view others with our preconceived notions of who we think they are or should be but instead, understand that everyone has their journey and their OWN story to tell.

So there is no reason to judge them.

We all hurt, we all struggle and we ALL overcome.

It is not up to us to judge another based on who they are because at the bottom line:

“It’s the choices we make that truly Define Who WE Are.” #StuffRareSays

When you leave from here I’d like to encourage you all to look at people differently. With more curiosity and a higher desire to connect with other cultures.

Most importantly, I want you to ask yourselves, “If I could make one decision or take one action that could make a difference … What would it be?”

But to also hear my call
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I’d Like a Greek Salad. Hold The Judgements.

“Sometimes the greatest pain is hidden behind the most beautiful smiles. don’t get mad at someone for trying to keep a smile on their face, just to make their journey worse than it already is. Everyone hurts. Not just you.” #StuffRareSays


Dolphins! REALLY?!

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Can I first start off by saying, stereotypes are annoying.

I mean I get it. Not everyone is a brilliant flipping rocket scientist, but let me tell you a little something about the type of people who post these memes on the internet.


Your probably not among the most intelligent of society yourself.

What a broken world to live in where people think that because your too pink, not purple enough, short verses tall, female versus male, rich verses poor, christian versus catholic, republican verses democrat verses green, has something to do with who you are, how you are, your skill set, and whether you deserved to be respected or not.

It’s as though people want to chalk up all their problems in theirs lives  by blaming some one or other entity for their own personal downfalls, or setbacks Doesn’t anyone realize the extra stress they add to their daily lives by STARTING DRAMA?! 

My point is:

It’s not the people. It’s not the entity.

It’s about accountability, and the understanding that we are ALL unique, and we are all brilliant because of our traits we were gifted with in the first place.


Intelligence is not measured by status, category, or creed, but a desire to learn and grow.”