Another Reason

In the final countdown of...........

Unity is Key (Inspirational Tuesday on Thursday 😩)

It made me stop and wonder...

Whats Going on With Society today?

What rise do people get out of starting drama? Does it make them feel better about themselves? Does it release a feel good hormone in their blood that makes all their troubles and all their worries disappear. Not in any way shape or form. As I quoted in my #stuffraresays post “One does not just [...]

A World Crumbling (Poem)

As I went in to do my second segment of bullying with the class, I jotted up a quick poem for them while they wrote their prompts.  Last weeks segment as mentioned in my earlier post "Bullying and Judging"   We talked about the types of bullying and what are the biggest issues involving bullying (I.e [...]