Another Reason

In the final countdown of “13 Reasons Why” Season two. We see a tragic and mortifying reality.

STILL in defense of  Bryce, the biggest and baddest bullies of the school, attack Tyler in the bathroom. For many teenagers, being targeted, cornered and/or pinned down is a tribulation faced all to often.

For those of you who haven’t seen this scene, it was quite a brutal one. So brutal, had it gone just an inch farther could have costed Tyler his life.


After having his head slammed into a bathroom sink, and being raped by a mop stick, Tyler was left sulking in his own shame inside the boys bathroom. 

Go figure parents…. It’s possible that when our kids are at school, they aren’t safe and/or possibly in danger.

This scene in itself speaks a message:

Where were the teachers? 

As the episode progresses, Tyler sits at his desk deeply wounded. After lying to his mother about how great his day was at school, he checks his wound, and still finds blood. 

That’s bad!!!

Within moments, Tyler is reacting: He opens up his suitcase full of guns and he wants his revenge.

And so…He heads to the school, armed and ready to lash. If not for someone tipping off Clay, AND Clay being brave enough to greet Tyler outside before reaching the building, things could have happened very different that evening at their school dance.

Tyler places the gun to Clays head because Clay is merely in his way. Tyler almost eliminates Clay, but while in the line of fire and a dire moment Clay hollers, “I don’t want you to die!”

Assuming that if Tyler  went off on his peers, the end result would be his own death by authorities.

In a moment of justice within injustice, Tyler calms himself realizing that maybe someone did care for him.

Being ostracized by everyone at school was something Tyler was dealing with on a daily basis, and while on an island all to himself most days, Clay’s refreshing sense of friendship puts Tyler at ease.

Tony, then rolls up in his car, thrusting the passenger door open, “Get in the car!”

Tyler looks at Clay, “Whaaat?”
Clay responds, “It’s OK, just go.”

Tony shouted, “Get in the car!” Once more.

“Go!” Clay adds, and Tyler hops in.

With that, they shuffle Tyler as far away from the school as possible.

In an innate desire to experience no more death, Clay, and Tony become the everyday heroes the evening needed.

This episode left me thinking: Lately, there has been an abundance of school attacks. Done by students.

You see, as I stated in my “1 Reason Why” post everyone involved in escalating a situation is responsible for those end results.

While, we all to often blame one person or the other when dealing with a situation, we tend to forget about what incidents may have led up to that point.

Tyler’s actions in the last episode of the season shines a light on the realities of teen violence, the result of bullying, and the impact that anger, hatred, shaming, and strife leaves.

It also opens closed eyes to the reality of these incidents we are seeing, and hearing about around the nation with our teenagers.

While, some people may not like the series, I will say that as someone who searches for deeper meanings, there are a lot of HARSH REALITIES that “13 Reasons Why” raises awareness to.

“In the wake of tragedies, everyone involved plays a part, and everyone involved is severely impacted.” #StuffRareSays

With that said, as Clay did. Offering your friendship upon another can often make all the difference in the world. Ultimately, as I’ve often said,

“In a world full of haters, choose to be an encourager.”

Therein lays the difference. Empower people, be there for people, accept people, and love people. It’s all it takes.  

Unity is Key (Inspirational Tuesday on Thursday 😩)


Sometimes, all the difference our world needs is slowing down, appreciating, and understanding.

In life, there are so many things that go over looked. How we make others feel, If we ourselves are crossing boundaries, making differences, etc. There is so much talk about hate crimes, and wars amongs’t others. I cannot understand it. Why?


It stems from one place. We are not born to understand divide. We are not born to despise. Only, as we grow we experience bullies. It doesn’t matter how popular you are, or what your status is. In life, there is always someone competing with us….Right?

My question….Why?

There can only be one you. No one is as unique in what you are. We look at coloring as a creative project. All those colors and arrays are beautiful aren’t they? Do you ever stop to think, Well I’m using red because yellow looks like it hasn’t showered in days?

No lets goes with blue because brown isn’t like blue?

I think you get my point.

You chose your coloring out of mere creativity.

OK … So bullying occurs. EVERYWHERE. it starts off small, but merely grows. At the bottom line: These created wars are simply based on the real world bullying…wouldn’t you think?

But….Wait?  Doesn’t…. EVERYBODY struggle? Everyone faces their personal demons, and everyone is perfectly imperfect. I noticed a conversation on social media recently that involved bullying, and the problems that drive individuals to get bullied. Much controversy goes into a topic like that, and I’m not interested  and I’m not here to be your daily drama starter 😉

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about many situations going on around me. Not necessarily in MY personal life, but many tragedies have succumbed our State.  Why do they affect me so heavily? Because these victims are our future generations. The future of our world.

It made me stop and wonder… What are we adults of this nation doing to harbor our future leaders? Some days it looks like nothing. I’ve witnessed a strange mentality among many individuals. It turns out, many people keep hold of this thought that, “Children aren’t valuable assets of a community until they are adults. So why have anything fruitful going on for them?              😒

Let’s be honest here…Do you guys think like that? ……………

……………………..I don’t!

Correct me if I’m wrong. Tell me in the comments below. Think back to when you were a kid, whether it be a child, teen, young adult… You think up the scenario. Did you ever feel…motivated? Why not?

That there is the crux. 

That harbored doubt, resignation, and stifling, is the number one killer of dreams.

So.. Why do we instill it in our young?

I’ve taught my children to believe they can breathe fire. It is in that thought that  they will grow up to do amazing things. Why? Because they KNOW it. 

When we stop and realize life is NOT a competition, then we have no purpose to bully others.

I, just like you am on my personal journey to evolve. I was born on a military base and my very first friends were not the same as I. There is beauty in that experience. One I’ll never forget. Because of that….I don’t care what a person looks like, where they are from, what their preferences are, their life…Is their life. Their choices are theirs and only theirs to bear. As I said in last weeks Inspirational Tuesday post, The only true debate that matters is what’s in your heart.  Usually it’s among ourselves. You see, I think we tend to forget that we were simply made to combine. To bring all our little beautiful pieces together to make one beautiful creative world. Everyone is beautiful, talented, and amazing. We all have a purpose, and that purpose is not to hurt others. It is to grow, learn, be, and achieve. Yes!! And experience. While not all experiences may be positive every single one is designed to shape us.

“If your still repeating the same experiences over and over, you haven’t learned the lesson yet.”

Life is quite the test, and we don’t get handed an instruction Manuel at the day of our birth. WE are ever learning, and ever-growing. Don’t hinder yourself.

If only there was  a perfectly tailored book we could read., “Hey when you turn 16 don’t walk down such and such road.” 

“Watch out! that scary movies gonna mess your head up!”



Whats Going on With Society today?

What rise do people get out of starting drama?

Does it make them feel better about themselves? Does it release a feel good hormone in their blood that makes all their troubles and all their worries disappear. Not in any way shape or form.

As I quoted in my #stuffraresays post “One does not just simply rage war. It is those who give flight to negativity that create war within themselves.”

Every person on this planet has a voice. Every person on this planet has a right to express that voice. For those who attack, stifle, and attempt to play childish games such as making fun of others for trying to make a difference. These vain mentalities show your true character.

True character is having integrity not just for you, but for the sake of being a leader you must set an example. I get on my social feeds, and see parents of teenagers, making fun, and haggling others as if it’s ok. These are the examples they are setting for their children.

Is this right?

Is it wrong?

I ask these questions to encourage YOU my readers to state your stance. As I said above, everyone has a voice that should be heard. I have enjoyed all the interaction I’ve received so far.

I suppose this saddens me. It takes me back to this place usually. “I’m 30 and these offenders are in their 50’s. What’s wrong there? I do not, and will not engage in negative behavior. Because that is not who I am. I believe people should be empowered. That’s what I’ll always do.

I think about how much I’ve lost in just five years, and wonder how someone can be so vain about their lives, and those around them. What rise does anyone get out of attacking those around them?

Dad used to say, “There’s more to life than strife and grief. Just do what you gotta do. Don’t worry about the rest.”

A wise man Indeed. I’ll forever remember his teachings. Am I a Rareity? Is my mentality a minority? Is there uniqueness in my wisdom at my age?

It is shameful to see such negative things going around. Children read these things.

Today, I am not trying to gripe, complain or anger any of my readers. I promise a short story is coming soon. (Working on it now) but I just love to hear your voices. Tell me, what’s going on here? Is becoming the norm?

A World Crumbling (Poem)

As I went in to do my second segment of bullying with the class, I jotted up a quick poem for them while they wrote their prompts.  Last weeks segment as mentioned in my earlier post “Bullying and Judging”   We talked about the types of bullying and what are the biggest issues involving bullying (I.e their own experiences, situations, friends who have been bullied, and their opinions on it)

This week with part two we focused more on the solution and making a difference. The students came up with a lot of good answers. I enjoyed what I heard. However, not everyone is a lover of writing, so it was a little difficult to get some interested in the prompt at first. Until, I began the timed prompt and threw this out little poem out. I said, “Now if I read mine, will that encourage you to read yours?” At first,  I got a lot of no’s until I read the poem. Afterwards, the students became engaged. I thought I’d go ahead and share my poem for you.


Somewhere along the way.

The world has changed.

Realities growing insane.

Hearts becoming vain.

Every day I walk this path.

Bullies here.

Victims there.



It’s all in the air.

Stifled voices.

Fearful eyes.

It’s time to make a difference.

Children tearing each other down.

When really.

They should empower their existence.

Horrifying events.

Your seeing on the news.

Kids getting abused.

Creative minds getting cut loose.

Into the depths.

Out of this realm.

Somethings gotta change.

Stand up, speak up.

Strong and unafraid.

I believe in something great. 

Creating a world with less disdain.