Grab A Pumpkin

I’m going to be putting up more stuff soon. That I can say with confidence. I spent the morning at my fave coffee shop; writing tons of poetry which is always a good sign for me. YAY!!!!! Anyhoo, since its been so long, I thought I would update you by giving you all a glimpse into my personal life. kinda …so…. ENJOY!

Summer Vibes

Summer vibes and happy cries.
The world awake and full of shine.

A sunny day will have its way
While tiny feet seem unafraid.

Grab your balls and beach towels.
Take a swim and freshen those bones.

Fish,Swim, Run, Or hike.
Maybe take a ride; on your bike.

The world large with possibilities
Enjoy your tides and humilities.

Β©rarenwise 9-11-16
See ya on the next one😎🀘….



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Heyyy Weekday


Geez! What a weekend. Holidays with kids are kinda… Awesome Sauce. My favorite quality that all my children hold is their unique personalities. Turns out, baby blue isn’t much of a camera girl, unless she chooses. Hehehe you can’t really… just tell her or she ..just…wont.

That’s why I have to sometimes get her on camera through the sneaksπŸ‘‡

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Hey guys sorry this is late but……

Happy Easter!

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