“Making Memories.” #StuffRareSays

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Joyous moments
Holiday cheer
Another wonderful year.
©Rarenwise 12-25-18
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I’m only coming through to say


Have a wonderful holidayFrom ours to yours


“It is within the angels grace that pure joys and miracles live.” #StuffRareSays

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The fire
The tree
The cookies
The children

Traditions are brewing
Life’s in its “doings”
The time
Of the essence
In strides with the spirit.
©Rarenwise 12-24-18
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Dear Mom & Dad

“We all have our downfalls. At times we crash and burn. We take our hits, keeping moving on, and hope to carry our lessons along.” #StuffRareSays

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Been thinking about you lately,

I’ve been experience a lot of what I’d lke to call…..
Oftentimes, they’ve left me reeling and on my knees.
Not literally
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While I’ve made wins and taken my losses.
Through it all,
I’ve overcome
I have learned to live life without you.

“Some days are harder than others.”

Today, was just….one of THOSE days.

I miss you.
I said it.
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Got me thinking…

The small things in life are what keep us going,.
We often take for granted
Lack to realize
It is in those gestures that has the greatest impact.

Where there was once  help,
There is not.
Where there was once love,
It is gone.
Where there was once reassurance,
There is none.
Once there was guidance
I’m on my own.
©Rarenwise 12-14-18
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Adulting Is More Than A Full Time Job


It’s been a while. I guess you can say.. I’ve been dealing with so many things, and I’ve been a bit down lately. Y’all know I hate posting when I’m down. 😒 so not my thing.

As I awoke this morning, I realized maybe the reason you all come back and read my cheesy posts is because … It’s relatable. 🙄

Wait…. Not so cheesy are they? 


Holidays are hard. I can honestly say, I’m not too fond of them for several reasons:

  1. Christmas: We parents buy our kiddos gifts, and have to give Santa the credit? 
  2. I really miss my parents. Their absence is much more prominent during the holidays.

Funny thing about that 😶👆 My kiddos are on vacation from school until the 8th of January. As two full-time working parents, that has become quite a difficult scenario for my partner and I.

It’s not easy being a parent. It’s definitely not easy being a parent who lacks a support system. I have to admit that makes me pretty angry, upset, sad, disappointed, and… Just… A giant roller coaster of emotions.

I can’t just leave my kids at grandpa and grandma’s house for the day, like most parents can. Ugh! that irks me… Just a little bit.  We do our best to make do, and make it work as best we can, but you all know life if  full of mishaps. Because we lack a support system, when those mishap hit… They hit hard. Do I sound like I’m complaining? 😱

Did I mention my eleven year old just left town and will be living out-of-state with her dad for the next three years.? Yeh… 😏😏 she already misses me tho. 😜😍

Ahhh the glorious concept of co-parenting. We spent an hour fiddling around on google hangouts and for a small moment, It didn’t feel like she was gone at all. We took comfort in our laughter, and sheer utter dorky-ness.

Voila!  I realized that as long as I had my kiddos in my corner, life will alright.

Yes! Even with the pain, the loss, the void, the hardship, and the struggle. EVEN when their being stinkers and driving me MAD … Your children truly are the sunshine that brightens your day.

Value them, appreciate them, treat them as though they are mature and  responsible… Well wait… Hold your horse… Not extreme, simply empowerment. For that, they will grow up to be/make mature and responsible choice/decisions.

I still believe that despite my struggle, I stand before you today… Keeping it together because of those certain concepts, morals, and ideas I was not only taught but had ingrained.

Anyhoo… Hope this was  helpful.

 on the next one….