Its been so long since I’ve had that vibe.

Not even sure why it’s starting to chime.

Life and musings have been stifled lately.

Through great pain and inner strength.

Yet still… consumes me.

Β©Rarenwise 10-23-17

Gone With The….Β 

As trees grow with our world they not only grow strong but resilient to the ebb and flow of our seasons. As that tree grows older pieces of it begin to fade….Dying branches. Those must be trimmed in order for the tree to grow to it fullest potential.  #StuffRareSays


Summer Vibes

Summer vibes and happy cries.
The world awake and full of shine.

A sunny day will have its way
While tiny feet seem unafraid.

Grab your balls and beach towels.
Take a swim and freshen those bones.

Fish,Swim, Run, Or hike.
Maybe take a ride; on your bike.

The world large with possibilities
Enjoy your tides and humilities.

Β©rarenwise 9-11-16
See ya on the next one😎🀘….



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