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This is my first Saturday off in months and I am choosing to be lazy AF.

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Well except for all those household chores I now have more time to get done.

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Mom life… Gotta love it.

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Being on the grind six days a week, and blogging seven days a week definitely gave me a run for my money
I’m feeling the effects heavily and severely.

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Granted, I’d love to blog seven days a week.
Having to work 6 days a week on top of it
That is not something this mom of four can afford to do right now.

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And so… 

“You gotta have the grind, in order to … support the grind.”

Today’s message will be short, sweet and simple.

 “Slow it down, and tend your own gardens. Remember that our personal gardens require nourishment as well.” #StuffRareSays

But first!

Let me read a book

peacefully reading

Growing Artists

One does not become an expert over night. That takes hard work and determination. Real progress comes in small steps. You wont see immediate results but over time, you will look back and see large levels of growth” #StuffRareSays

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“The thing about having colleagues is: they keep you in check all while progressing right alongside with you.”

When I first started my blogging journey five years ago, a good friend of mine was also in what we could possibly call the beginning stages of his wood carving game. With positive encouragement sent back and forth, we both grew along the journey.
Each time my blogging game evolved, his wood carving game evolved too. With each dire moment caused by lack of creativity…
We fed off each other and bounced off each other’s work as well.

How did that work?

If I wasn’t posting…
Homeboy made sure to send me a photo of his latest work.
A healthy reminder that he’s on the grind, and where am I?


Vice versa.

Five years later, our friendship is still growing strong, and our works are too.

Guess now y’all understand the wood carver references.

I’m not going to sit here and speak on behalf of how amazing his work is, I am simply going to show you.

You can find him and more of his work on INSTAGRAM @lococobra_101

This gentleman does custom work, and DOES NOT waste time.
The right kind of guy to get the right kind of job done.

Either way, I was simply blown away by his latest piece that

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Isn’t ready for showcase quite yet!!!
With VIP sneak peak privileges…
I tend to get the priveledge of…
First glance.

From the first steps to the last.

Mad luv Matthew.

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Always means a lot to me
Were In this race TOGETHER

Keep on kickin’ A$$ !!!

In The Hands Of Destiny

“Stop searching. Be patient. Trust the timing. Our ONE isn’t someone that we find or carefully pick and choose. That is out of our hands. Our ONE is binded to us and will surface when we DEFINITELY don’t expect it.” #StuffRareSays

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Let me first start by saying…

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Today is the day that we honor the Patron Saint Valentino

 While, many of us are playing that romance game that today brings upon us,
there is also something we should all keep in mind.

Love isn’t about ONE DAY a year.


Making sure you have a special someone for that ONE DAY a year.

It is about all the little things that add up every day of the year that make a relationship what it is. While, it’s great to celebrate a holiday, don’t forget to find ways to express your endearment for your loved ones and/or our own selves more often and without a holiday looming over you.

Enjoy your day fam.

This morning my Lish beat everyone to the punchline with her bright smiles and crack of dawn messages…






Learn From It

“We CANNOT have integrity…
Without accountability.” #StuffRareSays


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Friendly Reminder!!!

It says a lot about OUR character when we shift blame for our OWN shortcomings onto another.

If WE cannot take accountability for our own part in things, we will be doomed to repeat the same lessons until they are learned.

Lessons in life are meant to teach us..
Showcase how “RIGHT” we are.

Either we learn
Lose out.

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