Relationship Goals

Ladies and Gents!
I interrupt this poetry session to throw out some real talk


Words from the wise

You cannot mistreat your partner, and expect them to stand by your side forever. You cannot be mean-spirited, and expect for the other person to be nice in return. You CANNOT tell your partner your done, and expect them to keep trying. You cannot say mean things out of anger, and expect those words to just…simply go away.


You can be loving. Be affectionate. Be kind, and give your all.

“Giving someone your time is the most valuable gift of all.”

Which means: If you sit around ignoring them, not responding to them when they speak to you, and ignoring them, you aren’t doing anything to keep them. ….If you don’t give your partner  any time, you WILL lose them. Simply put.


Have You Noticed?

homelessness, affordable living, affordable health care, our rights, and much more have been slowly diminishing.

  • 31% of our children are living in households where parents pay more than a third of their income for housing.
  • The average age of a homeless person in the United States is 9 years old.
  • In New Mexico the minimum wage is $7.50 you would earn 15, 600 per year in salary if you worked full-time. 
  • In New Mexico you need to work an average of 84 hours per week to pay for average housing costs (for a two bedroom apartment) if you earn minimum wage.

While, I am only covering one State because covering all of them would be a huge a** list, and I think we all get the point… let’s notice!

When you look at the statistics, you see numbers. but…..

When you take a deeper look…..

You see people.
Your community
Your friends
Your neighbors,
Your family,
And they all play into this one bigger role.
It’s called…

The bigger picture.

So when one person is hurting… We are all hurting.

When does it stop???

I believe it’s today.

We want people to understand where we’ve gone wrong. We want people to understand what hasn’t worked and what might work in the future.

The difference

The message

“It’s important just to get people excited about being there for one another, inviting your friends. You can’t always make it but, when you do get to go and experience it. You see how powerful people are when they come together. It’s amazing how well things can get done.”

Their message gets heard.

Every body’s message, perspective and views matter.

There has to be a difference.

When we live in a world where more and more people are falling into the trap of homelessness, struggling financially, struggling with health care, affordable wages and living, etc….

There IS a problem.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that something isn’t working.

Merely, opening our eyes.

So…Let’s get it.

Follow Your Dreams

Whether your female or male. Follow your dreams. Something ive realized over my experiences over my life is, that if your dreams match up, so do your souls. keep it real. For it will open  the door to your true destiny, and those who belong near you.


Would a vegetarian ever work with a meat eater? Nah!

Just and example 

Hold up! Before you run off on me….

Don’t forget that the difference between success and failure is your attitude towards your journey. You cannot expect to have instant gratification, that all takes work. It’s about stepping into it with the mere goal of making a difference. Therein lays the crux…Innovators are leaders.


Catch ya on the next one 


Inspirational Tuesday (Taking Risks)


I bumped into a friend recently, in town who mentioned they were about to start a business with another friend of mine. Only, this friend was highly hesitant to jump into that ship. Not in the sense that they didn’t’ play well with others, but  rather the fear of failure. In life, opportunities pass us by. We are either brave enough in the moment to hop on and steer the reigns, or we shy away…. thus backing away.

I mean… choices can be kinda scary right? Often we never know when a choice or decision could lead us astray. Yet, only we have power over that fear, and our hindrance.  We usually just have to keep faith that it’ll all work out. The repercussions are never left in our hands.

Fate …

What a strange word. It has  a funny way of taking over a situation. As my friend went on to say, “It feels risky, but who knows.” My response was,”You’ll never really know until you try.”

“One cannot be successful unless they are willing to take risks.”

If there is one thing about me that peeps who know me personally see …Is, I tend to always throw something like that at you. Come to me for something, ask me advice, seek my thoughts, and you will receive a contemplative message.

You see, fear is the number one killer of all dreams. Do you think we were born to live out someone else’s dream, or were we born to live out our own?

I pick. Let’s live out our own.

Here’s the thing; while taking a risk can seem scary.. Is it really? You’ll only know freedom when you step outside your comfort zone.

What are your dreams? Goals? Have you achieved that today? And if you haven’t.. Keep on pushing for IT. You know you have it in you.

In life, we often tend to feel held back. If not by fears, by people, friends, maybe even family members. I’m here to tell you, that it’s OK. haters hate. As I mentioned yesterday. I have plenty. That in itself is a success. Why? Jealous is a mean and green little monster. Although, I’ll always discourage you from falling into those patterns. As Roman Atwood would say, “Smile more.” Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. One smile can change a persons day. You’ll never know their struggle, and it’s because you’ll never know the struggle of others that makes it important to avoid judging others.

Happy Inspirational Tuesday 😉

Posted a companion piece this morning on YouTube: hold on til the end and you’ll hear my spiel.