Shadows On The Wall

“Now you know” #StuffRareSays ⇓Scroll Down⇓ (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This week I attended a prep session for a podcast that I will be taking part of soon. I’m excited to be taking part in this exciting new adventure and will hopefully chronicle the process as I go. However, as I walked into the [...]

Has It Been That Long Already ?

??????????????????????????????????????????????????? You know, I do this a lot. I construct certain posts that are meant for specific days, and just kinda reminds me thats not how these things work.  It was a two day battle for our family. One that started late the evening March 19th, 2010. I still remember the boiling fury that [...]

Strive For Better

"Effective leaders do not speak to others as though they are stupid." And "Integrity is an essential key to being a great leader." Have you ever had the drive to make a difference? Is it a passion? Does it keep you up at night? A friend and I got together Monday evening for a peaceful [...]

Inspirational Tuesday 6-7-16

Some days, there's not always that inspirational tug to pull from. Sometimes, I just want to unplug and completely disconnect. There is so much opportunity during the summer, that I just can't help myself. ?? My apologies, today I ran late with my inspirational Tuesday. However, I did take one side note with me The [...]