Grab A Pumpkin

I’m going to be putting up more stuff soon. That I can say with confidence. I spent the morning at my fave coffee shop; writing tons of poetry which is always a good sign for me. YAY!!!!! Anyhoo, since its been so long, I thought I would update you by giving you all a glimpse into my personal life. kinda …so…. ENJOY!

Does this make sense to you?

It’s whats left unsaid that speaks volumes. Thanksgiving is dedicated to the world to remember what we should be grateful for. In the world today that word…Grateful/Thankful is being forgotten. What happened to appreciating things others, and life for what it/they is/are? Instead we celebrate Halloween, and then CANT WAIT!! to get stuff for Christmas. Is that grateful? or entitled? you be the judge. At the very bottom line: the world has lost the very key essence to our existence.
Observe the picture with whats left unsaid.

It says a lot when my four-year old will hold open a door for someone, and say “YOUR WELCOME!”  very prominently when the person doesn’t acknowledge the kind act. No it’s not important to do things just to get something in return, but when you are impolite and not appreciative of thing being done for you, all the while expecting them to be done,, that doesn’t make you a very good person either.

How are my fellow #nanowrimos doing?*

Welcome to October 

Ah October my favorite month of the year. Harvest is in the air. Vibrant colors and festivities, these times we spend with our families.

Spooks are out, and ghouls about dressing up as someone you’re not.

I know I can’t expect all of my readers to celebrate Halloween because it is a tradition that is considered bad in some religions. However,  I do like to acknowledge what October means for Spanish cultures. October 31st is El Dia De Los Muertos (The day of the dead) Which is also considered all Saints day(November 1st), is meant to represent those family members that you love , and who have passed. I once heard that if we baked our relatives favorite dish, and placed it on their gravestones that they would come up to eat the treat. This would then ensure that they could rest in peace another year, and not come out to tickle your toes. 😱 I don’t know the full folklore but that little campfire story stuck with me.

But in all honesty, for those of you that don’t know what This day is or what it means Click the national geographic link and check it out. Take the time to read the real story here —-> National Geographic 

This post is mostly dedicated to fear today:

Since October is a time for fear, what are yours?

  • I believe my greatest fear is death. It isn’t the act itself,  but the pain involved that scares me the most. You hear about, and see people who suffered. Those are things that creep me out.
  • Something bad happening to one of my kids. As parents we get paranoid, often have nightmares of our children getting hurt on a playground, at school, etc. I always wake up in cold sweats with my heart racing from those. I can’t help but keep those fears in the back of my mind n daily life.

Now, I may not be creative with my fear but I shared. Now readers, it’s your turn to share.

What’s your biggest fear?