Let’s Take A Walk

And so the journey goes:

” I wanted to make it work. It took a long time to realize that it simply wasn’t going to. Through that process, I almost lost myself along the way.

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Broken fragments.
Though the course.
Jaded process.


She walked along  those rugged thin lines.
With the drop of a hat, things could go awry.
Within the hive.
She woke.
She cried.
She changed.
She strived.
She turned around and opened her eyes.
©Rarenwise 11-28-18


“Always remember who you are.” Aunt P.

And so, the series of events begins……






Relationship Goals

Ladies and Gents!
I interrupt this poetry session to throw out some real talk


Words from the wise

You cannot mistreat your partner, and expect them to stand by your side forever. You cannot be mean-spirited, and expect for the other person to be nice in return. You CANNOT tell your partner your done, and expect them to keep trying. You cannot say mean things out of anger, and expect those words to just…simply go away.


You can be loving. Be affectionate. Be kind, and give your all.

“Giving someone your time is the most valuable gift of all.”

Which means: If you sit around ignoring them, not responding to them when they speak to you, and ignoring them, you aren’t doing anything to keep them. ….If you don’t give your partner  any time, you WILL lose them. Simply put.




All the memories begin to flash
I stand before a home no longer in tact.
©Rarenwise 5-28-18

I awoke from a tireless night of sleep.
Un-rested and un-weaved.
The sting reverberates 
Within deep brink.

Words you cannot take back
Yet spoke.

Through a bitter heart
That does not sing. 
©Rarenwise 6-28-18


Don’t wait for your window of opportunity to pass you by. 

Whether It’s telling someone how you feel about them, making up for hurting/offending someone, making up for lost time, loving those who are in your life while they are in your life, admitting to a mistake, seizing an opportunity, or giving credit where credit is due. 

You get minimal chances to do right by yourself and others. When you have them in your life, they are yours to care for. Don’t destroy them while you are to love them. Don’t wait years before realizing you need to make it right, because while it’s taking you THOSE YEARS to realize, it is also taking them those years to realize too. When you let chances and opportunities pass you by, they don’t return. There are no rewinds, or retakes. You lose your chance to make amends when you allow people to drift away instead of tending to the relationship, or friendship.

Be mindful of your actions. They shape your reality, and your future. It’s OK to make mistakes, but it’s even better when you can own up to them.