Pitter Patter

Parenthood Is Like:

“When sleeping in on the weekend ACTUALLY means sleeping in until 7am.”

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Pitter patter
Through the hall.
Loud whispers
Look at the snow.
©Rarenwise 12-2-18





We all get there. That moment when everything is crashing down. weighing on us, making us….break. What is REALLY important to remember is that we ALSO in those moments need to slow it down. TAKE YOUR BREAKS! they are necessary. #StuffRareSays


I’d Like a Greek Salad. Hold The Judgements.

“Sometimes the greatest pain is hidden behind the most beautiful smiles. don’t get mad at someone for trying to keep a smile on their face, just to make their journey worse than it already is. Everyone hurts. Not just you.” #StuffRareSays



“it’s the kind of day, to just…JOURNAL.”

I used to carry a journal with me, that I’ve recently learned not carry anymore.


Because those with ill intent are always more curious to lay their eyes upon your darkest and deepest secrets. 


My BFF recently had her journal stolen by those who she though she could trust the most. As that journal got spread around, she expressed how it felt like a form of violation. No joke!

Which made me realize those who violate one’s privacy without being invited in, are the lowest of low.

I also had a meeting with a person, who was so desperate to get their eyes on what I had written in my journal, that I realized in that moment, I wouldn’t carry it around anymore.

Oh right!!

While, it’s not safe to carry one around… As a writer, you should always have one at your disposal.

“The most sure-fire cure to writers block, is journaling. ”

So… Journal, journal, and journal some more, because once you spill all your disorganized thoughts onto those pages, you will soon begin to reveal the content.