Its been so long since I’ve had that vibe.

Not even sure why it’s starting to chime.

Life and musings have been stifled lately.

Through great pain and inner strength.

Yet still… consumes me.

©Rarenwise 10-23-17

Clearing Out Unnecessary Hurt


I was asked a question recently that sparked a couple of thoughts. Have you ever noticed that when we experience grievances in our lives, we generally take our feelings and emotions out on those loved ones closest to us; without even realizing it? It could be something so minute as getting annoyed at one of their quirks, but are we really annoyed with the quirk as much as we are upset about our underlining issues?

I was asked why?

It’s a pain that settles within us. Often, unresolved. It’s deep rooted, and unrelenting. Until, we come to a resolution with the pain, anger, hurt, or grief, we won’t be able to clarify our bottled up emotions. Therefore, they splatter all over the place. They surface often in the most oddball situations.

I was also asked by another person, “How do you avoid letting things build and bottle up until you explode?”

The thing is….

Naturally, humans begin to development thick walls around their pain, and emotions. Sometimes, so tall that we become numb rather than emotional during moments of impact.

Therein lays the problem.

We forget to feel.

OK …I know what you’re wondering……

“How do we feel?”

It’s good to cry. Truthfully, in the past couple years of my journey, when I’m locked inside a head funk, I throw on a TV show that is bound to be an emotional tear-jerker. It’ll bring on the tears and emotions that need resolving. Once those tears roll on out, you begin to process, and connect the dots as to where the feelings are coming from, and why, simply because you triggered them. Most importantly….Sometimes…You just need to cry.

It’s easy to get mad at the ones you love, but it’s really important to keep patient, as they are being patient with you.

Much love! Happy Friday Everyone 😉






Gouges (Poem)

Somedays I feel like giving up
Losing grasp of all I love
Gouges of cuts run deep within me
A world so cruel surrounds the air I breath
I ponder a life and world unknown
Is it possible?
Can it be our home?
Im just not sure what to feel anymore
A huge target sign must be carved into my forheard
Tired of what surrounds me
It’s no longer suitiing.
Am I crazy?
Or is this real?
A simple haste
Is all I feel.
   © Rareity 4-2-15