Mediocre Is for Oger’s (#stuffraresays)

One does not simply achieve...................

Difference Comes In Mysterious Ways (#stuffraresays)

Don;t ever doubt your journey. Don't stop being you. There is always talk of making a difference. The deeper meaning: The difference lays within the depth of a thought. Everything else is...inevitable. Be strong, keep faith, and believe.  Making a difference isn't about influencing others. It's about empowering them. The rest just kind of falls [...]

Shine Your Brightest (#stuffraresays)

It doesn't matter what you're going through, defeat, grief, loss, divorce, or a quarrel with a friend. In anger, people generally say things about us in a negative or threatening way. Don't let that self talk rise up in your head, and don't lose sight of who you are. You're a gem.