Her First Real Sit Through

Last night we took the kiddos to watch “Hotel Transylvania 3” in the movie theater. We’ve tried to take them to movies in the past, but have had somewhat of a struggle to keep Baby Blue interested long enough to sit through one.

Jay and I usually have to alternate who leaves the movie early with her, each time.


Not this time!!!

 It’s official!

Baby Blue is movie ready.

And so…. WE sat through our first movie as a family  without little to no hiccups and it was AWESOME! 


For those of you looking for a humorous and enjoyable family movie, Hotel Transylvania is definitely your stop. With action, comedy, scare factors and much more all perfectly dialed down for kids, it is 

The only mood point of the evening was the cost, and the very rude employee that sold us our snacks.

  • $60 total for a family of 4 Just imagine when Baby Blue is old enough to get charged for a ticket.
  • Rude snack cashiers/employee

Next time, we will be going to a movie out-of-town.

At the bottom line: Thanks to a lovely viewing experience, we left the theater happy.


This past weekend, one of our neighbors had been touching up the exterior of a mobile home they rent out. It is evident they will be getting new tenants soon. I really enjoy the color they’ve turned the exterior. In fact, when we first moved into our home, that was the color I wanted to paint ours.

This may be such a simple detail, but it honestly i got into one of my reflective mode.

“It doesn’t matter how much energy you put into your exterior. The inside will always be the same.” #StuffRareSays

Here’s the thing

Beauty is not determined by what we are on the surface. A pretty face, or a sexy body might be great for a moment, but  when you don’t  develop a bond with someone, you will most definitely not  enjoy an experience with that someone.

Before I digress:

A beautiful face also does not mean a beautiful heart. Some of the most attractive people you will meet have the most ugliest hearts you will ever see, and those who obtain inner AND outer beauty are quite the Rareity’s.

The point:

  1. You can spend your life working hard at  perfecting your outer beauty, but at the end of the day, your personality is what will either attract or detract people from your life.
  2. It will never matter how much make up you slather on your face, your still the same person underneath the mask.
  3. It doesn’t matter how much midriff you reveal, your still the same person with or without the sexy clothes.

Therefore, judging people by their appearances can be damning not only to the person being judged but by the people judging them.


Visual creatures or not, Is that really all that matters to you?

Male or female 

Your outside may always change, but  what you carry inside will NOT .

Keep It Real

Karmatic Gestures

I recently had an experience at work, where another VERY young employee made an assumption about me. With her assumption, she started at me with vulgar language, and profanity. At first, I shrugged it off, but with each interaction, she began to escalate her attitude, and anger.

Her goal: She REALLY wanted a rise out of me.

Instead of giving her the rise, I went straight to our manager and let them know what she was doing, and was merely told to stop fighting with her. OK

Easy enough, I wasn’t fighting.

However, because she WASN’T getting the rise she wanted she continued, getting more vulgar, belligerent, and up in my face.

In psychology, we are taught that people who get in your face are looking for a physical altercation. In real life, IT’S THE SAME!

Therefore, I started verbally defending myself because she wasn’t being dealt with properly, and I was getting blamed for it.

For the love of GAWD!! I have four kiddos at home to counsel, I wasn’t up for babysitting at work.

It needed to stop, and she was acting overtly hostile. ESPECIALLY when she’s on this “I can’t stand high school b/s kick.” My response, “Cool, then drop it.”

Who would have thought, warning your manager of a potential violent situation would make you the little kid though?

Shame on me for trying to prevent a fight.

I don’t know how many times I gotta say this, but I DON’T do drama!!

And when your treated like a shitty person for trying to prevent it, that is…


I eventually began crying to myself, because of how the manager was treating me for the situation. He sided with her, even though she was in the wrong. He sided with her, and refused to stop her from her rampage. He watched her fight with me, and did nothing about it, until I had to get really upset about it. Even then, she kept at it.

In situations like this, managers should ALWAYS remain non bias. You can’t resolve conflict by picking sides, AND  you should NEVER allow the hostile employee to stay for the shift.

You are SUPPOSE to talk to both of them at the SAME time, through conflict resolution. Figure out who is actually causing the problems and deal with them then.

I kept getting in trouble for her shenanigans. Eventually, I got sent home.

ME not her.

Lesson: I was taught that by trying to be the bigger person and do the right thing, is the WRONG thing.

This girl was escalating her aggression to the point where she could have hit me, and I was getting in trouble for NOT LETTING IT GO???

NO ONE is going to take that kind of abuse from someone and not speak up for themselves, and no one in their right mind should expect you to endure something like that. ESPECIALLY at work. HELLO! professional environment. Act accordingly.

One day she will be a mother, and she too will be in her thirties, working her bottom off to support those kids, and have a 20 something childless youngin’ on her the same way. Only then, will she realize the severity of her actions.

Until, then there lays an even larger problem. An unhealthy work environment, and a manager who picks favorites.

This girl asked me, to cover her shift for her. For two weeks, she made it a point to remind not to forget, I was doing her a solid. 

 This is how she thanked me

As The Water Flows

Have you ever encountered someone whom you may have never thought you’d have any sort of relationship or friendship with outside of being aquaintances but connected with on a whole other level?

This past weekend, I had the lovely opportunity of speaking with a woman about a current situation that is impacting certain career aspects in my career. If you’ve all learned one thing about me over the years, it’s that this lady takes her career …. SERIOUSLY.

“Try and be like water. When you look at a river and you watch the water stream, you see that even though there are rocks within, the water still moves gracefully around them, continuing to go with the flow.”

Reflection: Life is always going to test you. People are always going to test you. Trough it all, be still like water. Take those strides with patience and determination, and rather than trip up on an obstacle, the best way to achieve your goals is to move around the blocks as needed.


That doesn’t mean stepping on someone else’s toes to do so, or betraying others to do so.


As I’ve stated before: Just as you would drive slowly and cautiously over a speed hump, you would also take other avenues to achieve ayour goal.

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