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Walk along in life feeling things as if for the first time. Experience hard, feel hard, and love hard. search not for someone to calm the nerves of a lonely heart but rather, some one capable of kindling the flame within your spirits candle. Let it burn!


Why Feelings And Emotions Have Power

Photo © Amanda Gordon

FACEBOOK USER: I wish I had “bros” to break a niggas jaw when I get hurt

Itz Me : No girl should ever allow a male that amount of power over their feelings and emotions. They simply… do not deserve it. Truth be told, we shouldn’t give any one that much power in our lives. You are amazing, you are beautiful, and the only person you need keeping your head and your heart solid is your daily thoughts. keep em’ positive. There will always be bigger and better things in the world for ALL OF US…you just gotta trust your journey.  anyhoo.. Mel just got #deep again. Laters 😎🤘

Just felt like sharing.
I’m sorry I’ve been distant. I’ve been so busy, I haven’t time to focus on the important parts of my life, and that has made me tragically suffer. I’m doing my best to get back at it. Although, I might argue that I just pulled one out right up there. So…HAPPY INSPIRATIONAL! How about we call it that from now on?

What It Was Like Welcoming My Tween Home

First of all, I must say… having a tween in the home is not easy. Between the overly dramatic emotions, the demands, and diva land, I’d say the road ahead will be quite a mess. 😣

Since my daughter spends her summers in AZ with her biological father, we decided we would throw an on the fly surprise welcome home party. Only, our goal was to stick with a lower budget. I managed to already have a roll of paper from my son’s painting easel which lucky enough made for a great banner (see photo above😜👆) and markers, which my daughters BFF already had and you’re looking at a cost of $10 so far for the supplies.


Her best friend made her a cake

Which came out delicious by the way. I’d say the cost of that labor of love may have been $15 at most 😁 $30 if you really want to appreciate a cake made by a tween. 😜🤘

Next, I go simple with food and order a pizza. Mmm can’t ever go wrong with pizza…am I wrong? That cost was $23 for three medium pizzas. 🍕🍕🍕

Next, came the welcoming. I have yet to edit and upload the video to our YouTube channel, but I shall soon.

As I watched my daughter rush up and wrap her arms around my 6-year-old honey bear, I realized he may be her favorite. 🤔 either way, we played twister, compared fidget spinners, attended despicable me 3 in movie theatres, and had dinner the next night at an Asian resturaunt that was to die for 😏👌

Even though she can be quite the bratty tween sometimes, she most definitely appreciated the effort, and energy that went into her return.

Welcome back Sweet pea🙌

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See ya on the next one😎🤘….
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