Its been so long since I’ve had that vibe.

Not even sure why it’s starting to chime.

Life and musings have been stifled lately.

Through great pain and inner strength.

Yet still… consumes me.

©Rarenwise 10-23-17

The Power In Believing

🤔 The secret: “Change your thoughts, and you’ll change your life.”

“I often wonder if it is the mere thought that something wont succeed, that is what fuels the power to make it fail. On the flip side, If one believes in something hard enough it shall manifest.” #StuffRareSays  

We see it. In verbal conversations, and social media conversations. These days , there seems to be an abundance of negative quips, rebuttals, tit for tats, and much more. I often sit back and observe what our world is becoming.

But you see…

How we react, and behave during circumstances are merely a daily choice we ALL make.

One sec…. PONDER THAT!



……………..😌👈 Are we vibing yet?

…..k 😀

While it is in human nature to focus on our bad experiences more ….well… I mean why not? Aren’t  they  more prevalent?

Life throws an equal sway of ebb and flow into our lives. Therefore, through life/the journey we are ALL constantly battling between “Sink Or Swim.” 🤔 sometimes you just gotta learn how to swim through those waves.


That life slump your going through, have gone through, or will go through. Maybe those are simply the storms of our life????

In recent events we had major loss with these hurricanes. However, after the storm came and passed what remained.? The mere foundation that we stand on. Earth.

The question will always remain: Do you allow that journey to make you bitter, or triumph through it.


“Pay mind to your thoughts, for they are the most powerful tool you have when shaping your reality. 

Happy Inspirational ✨👌

See ya on the next one..😎🤘


🤔 Is Your Twitter handle Right For You?

It’s hard to know if your Twitter handle or many usernames for that matter really truly work for you.

I mean look at me… I started with my @Rareity for Twitter, @rarenwise EVERYWHERE ELSE and well…..

I used the name because it was a quick and easy name I could use. It’s short and yeh…🤔

In recent days, I have asked myself if that is really the brand I want. A weird handle name 🤔I mean some people legit cannot pronounce it 😩FML

😂🤣 Food for thought…

“Our name is our brand.”

So…..Do my usernames need a change?

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