Its been so long since I’ve had that vibe.

Not even sure why it’s starting to chime.

Life and musings have been stifled lately.

Through great pain and inner strength.

Yet still… consumes me.

©Rarenwise 10-23-17

Up And Coming (Poem)

A year ago he was so small
I spent my summer days trying not to wallow
My little man growing so bold
Each milestone  he gets old.
This past year while bittersweet 
He achieved such poise and chivalry
Thy little man  you are unique
A golden spirit of a legacy
©rarenwise 6-14-17

Flying Dust (Poem)

Photography © 2017 Amanda Gordon

Everybody wants a win
Too many decisions on a whim
Life isn’t a show.
We perform so great 
We forget our  role. 
While Smoke and mirrors; turn to dust 
We must Wake up or turn to rust.
Rarenwise 6-6-17
See ya on the next one😎🤘….



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