“The world is our playground”

“Then we shall play on it together.” #StuffRareSays

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The world is ours
To shape and mold.
The realities we share 
Are simple 
It’s up to US
To keep it now.
Take my hand
Come with me.
We shall play and we shall see.
Our lives are the canvas
We are the paint.
©Rarenwise 12-8-18


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“The moment I laid my eyes on her porcelain face, and baby blues my entire world began to sprout anew. For she was the light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel.” #StuffRareSays 

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It’s official!!!

My youngest is officially 3.

With her birthday blues
sunny hues.
She lights up my face
with a simple coo.
©Rarenwise 12-6-18

Featured: NEw birthday haul. 

I’d lost so much is such a short period of time, that this girl lifted my spirits in ways that I can’t even explain. After so much trauma and so much grief, she came, she conquered my heart, and triumphs. 

Neither mom or dad got to meet this little one.





Red Flags

Relationship 101:

“If the father of your children throws a fit when faced with the role of parenthood, whether you’re in a relationship or not, HE is most definitely not worth relying on. Point blank.” #StuffRareSays 

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“Whether it be a relationship, friendship or family member, you cannot help things run smoothly by arguing over who does more, or not enough. You both must pull equal weight.”

FRIENDS: You can’t S*** on your friends, THEN  complain once you’ve “CUT THEM OFF” and they aren’t there for you anymore. Simply put…  Don’t S*** on your friends. You’ll force them to back away and let you handle the things YOU want to control to begin with.

Relationships: for both Men and woman, DON”T SETTLE!

Family: Love them while you have them. Nothing is forever.




Pitter Patter

Parenthood Is Like:

“When sleeping in on the weekend ACTUALLY means sleeping in until 7am.”

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Pitter patter
Through the hall.
Loud whispers
Look at the snow.
©Rarenwise 12-2-18