Pitter Patter

Parenthood Is Like:

“When sleeping in on the weekend ACTUALLY means sleeping in until 7am.”

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Pitter patter
Through the hall.
Loud whispers
Look at the snow.
©Rarenwise 12-2-18




Hold Up!!!!

The moment I laid eyes on her, the very world I knew had changed. in a heartbeat, not only did I know what love was, I saw within her eyes all the great things she would achieve.”

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MY  miracle

She shines a light despite her own storms.
She stands tall and strong, for she is not meek.
With bright eyes.
Big dreams.
Her soul shines bright and it does sing

Sheer determination.

She lives

She rises.
Born to a warrior.
She prevails.

A ray of sunshine
A ball of fury.
My sweet pea
Another year older.
©Rarenwise 11-27-18

12 years ago today, I became a mother. this little girl changed my life forever. Today, I just wanted to shout her out. 

“Love you sweet pea” 

Your fricken’ 12!!!!




Come To Pass

I’ve got something bearing on my mind
For this one day a year
Kills me like a crime.
My dearest father.
My hero.
My light.
The closest thing I’ve got to flight
I find myself celebrating .
Every time
Your birthday is mine.
Conditions ingrained, crested and deep
Traditions I carry.
Forever and keep
©Rarenwise 6-17-16


The Joys

I have never had my snacks raided so frequently like I do as a mom. #StuffRareSays

Motherhood…Gotta love it!

And even when I buy them their own

Snyder’s family size pretzel brand to be exact… 
(You can view My Amazon Tab/Links to shop Snyder’s Pretzel Brand)
They still take moms!  and no matter how many hiding places I find,   They still get a hold of it!  And so…. The dilemma lives on.