Clarity Of The Mind

“Nothing noursishes the soul quite like the calm and blissful serenity of a quiet and still moment.” #StuffRareSays

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Do you hear that?
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I’m gonna say it…

You’ve probably said it!

Were ALL saying it…
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The kids are back in school!!!
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 I love my kiddos beyond measure.
We all love our kiddos beyond measure.
It is especcially awesome when we get extra time with them.


When your work space and home space are combined…
Getting work done can become…
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Quite challenging during holiday breaks.

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Like y’all didn’t know.

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One of my greatest tribulations during this two week break has been the constant struggle to distract and quiet down the little guys
To slip into my writer zone. 

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Do you know how hard it is to convince a kiddo to play quiet time for longer than 10 minutes?!
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The hardest part about being a writer WITH deadlines is…
Falling behind.
The hardest challenge an artist faces is…
Being pulled out of their mode. 

One does not simply sit right back down and…

Whether your a woodcarver, painter, writer, musician, etc.
You get it.

And so…

A bittersweet yet relieving moment this morning.
As I watched those cutie patooties walk out the door
Embark on their New Year
Fresh start.
Finishing off their school year…
With a bang!

As the house grew quiet, I began to soak in the peace of mind and clarity that fills a steadied soul.  

The lesson:
We ALL need ME time.
Without it we cannot be our best selves.
Even a break from our kiddos
Is crucial 
To be a better parent.
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With that said,
I’m going to embark on our first official week of the year
back in the…
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For now…
lets fill up another cup and refuel our souls together.Bitmoji Image

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The Power In Believing

🤔 The secret: “Change your thoughts, and you’ll change your life.”

“I often wonder if it is the mere thought that something wont succeed, that is what fuels the power to make it fail. On the flip side, If one believes in something hard enough it shall manifest.” #StuffRareSays  

We see it. In verbal conversations, and social media conversations. These days , there seems to be an abundance of negative quips, rebuttals, tit for tats, and much more. I often sit back and observe what our world is becoming.

But you see…

How we react, and behave during circumstances are merely a daily choice we ALL make.

One sec…. PONDER THAT!



……………..😌👈 Are we vibing yet?

…..k 😀

While it is in human nature to focus on our bad experiences more ….well… I mean why not? Aren’t  they  more prevalent?

Life throws an equal sway of ebb and flow into our lives. Therefore, through life/the journey we are ALL constantly battling between “Sink Or Swim.” 🤔 sometimes you just gotta learn how to swim through those waves.


That life slump your going through, have gone through, or will go through. Maybe those are simply the storms of our life????

In recent events we had major loss with these hurricanes. However, after the storm came and passed what remained.? The mere foundation that we stand on. Earth.

The question will always remain: Do you allow that journey to make you bitter, or triumph through it.


“Pay mind to your thoughts, for they are the most powerful tool you have when shaping your reality. 

Happy Inspirational ✨👌

See ya on the next one..😎🤘


Spent My Childhood Thinking Labor Day Was About Birthdays!!! 😮

Heyyy guess what…

I never really announce these things but….


Anyhoo… side note:

32 was a year of discovery for me. I somewhat found myself along the way, and after losing myself for so long, it felt pretty refreshing. Through my journey I figured out who my real friends are, and who needs to be cut off. Trust me when I say, “If they aren’t there for you in your darkest moments, they don’t deserve to be their in your brightest. Whether friends, family or lovers… if you matter to them, they won’t act like your a burden. The very moment you feel like someone is annoyed to see You…never speak to them again. Changes are coming in my personal life and im looking forward to the journey ahead. Here’s to 33 bringing on new chapters in my life.

IRL expereinces and situations with friends gave me mad perspective this year, and moving forward ill be dropping some people out if my life for good.

Ahhh growing pains.


What Every Mother Should Know

Photography © Amanda Gordon

Look guys!!… I gotta get real for one second here.

I was recently asked to write an article showcasing some resourceful information for mothers.

I mean that’s legit 😁

But here’s the thing… you all know how I operate. Between constantly fighting for quiet time to get into the zone, or…yeah that’s pretty much my struggle. #WritersLife 😐

I wrote the article but, by the end of it… I felt like it wasn’t…right. Why? I over thought it.



Here we are.

Starting over and … Being real!

Breastfeeding is legit the best thing you can do for your kids. However, that in itself can be a major struggle for some moms out there.

Why? Some mothers don’t produce any milk at all. Others, only a short supply and then … the ones who …just… can. 😮

For my first-born, I WAS that mother who could NOT and did NOT produce any milk at all. and believe me I tried.

My second, had four months worth of supply. Yay! 😁

Thankfully, the feeding supply for each one after became longer spans… But still!

Not gonna lie. With all four kids, I relied on formula as a supplement. I like putting it in their baby cereal once they turn four months old. (Take note: make sure you know the best thickness when starting your baby off.)

Once you start adding those options into your babies diet they become more susceptible to weaning sooner. The longer you hold them off, the longer they nurse.

Oftentimes, We don’t have the right information to know what’s best for our child outside of breastfeeding.

Which got me thinking…

If only more people knew where to find helpful information about formula?

I mean, we’ve all been there:

  • Gassy
  • Indigestion
  • Colic
  • Constipation
  • Etc.

As a parent, we aren’t handed an instruction manual to our children’s lives, which means even these decisions can be straining at times.

So I ask…

How do you know what baby formula works for you and your baby?

You don’t… and you better believe that struggle is REAL!


Thanks to a team of researchers, you can find helpful information on each formula product all in one spot.

Bruh! 😌👌

If I had a one stop shop back then 😲 life would have been so much simpler.


What better way to do your research than having it all gathered for you??? Click chart below to view all the info on products.

Click here to view

Food for thought

See ya on the next one 😎🤘…