As The Water Flows

Have you ever encountered someone whom.........

1 Reason Why

As you all know, I did watch and finish season 2 of “13 reasons Why”. You see......

Was It Worth It?

"We dislike in others that which we dislike in ourselves." Just a quick tidbit for you all based on an experience I had this past weekend: Now, I'm not one for large social gatherings because one thing I'm determined to avoid is Drama overstimulation, and the overwhelming feeling of being swarmed by people. As I [...]

Keep Your Eyes On The Goal

Through hard work and true dedication you shall see the fruits of your labor come into play. As with the china wall, no dynasty is built over night. Keep faith within yourself that you are on the right track. Keep patience with you for the very lack of patience will sabotage your end mean. “Patience [...]