It Is What It Is

“Regret is a burden that only YOU can control.”

Whether your stopping yourself from basking in opportunities, or doing things that you may not be happy you’ve done, We’ve all been there. So… No judgment here.

Either way, do right by yourself and free yourself of that burden that holds you down. When you judge your own self harshly for actions, or missed opportunities….UNFINISHED BUSINESS…… You owe it to yourself to make it right.


  • Not missing more opportunities while dwelling on past ones.
  • FINISHING that unfinished business.
  • Every one does things they wish they hadn’t. It is what it is. Live and let be.

Food for thought: People aren’t always attached to US. So when we are with others (I.E Hook ups, _________ Place other example here.) Don’t lose sight of who you, and they are. Not everyone is impressed by you. Therefore, treating others as though you’ve won upped them somehow is quite simply a statement of your character not theirs.

You must always ask yourself, “What kind of person do you want to be.”

The bridge burner
the bridge builder.