Awaited Reunion (Poem)

These past three weeks have been hard on me. She's back home! And I cannot contain my excitement. She's home! She's home! She's home!!!!!! Summer nights have grown so dull. My little girl growing so old. I'd missed that smile, and careless bliss. A bright-eyed, and prominent kid. Wise beyond her time and place. Lessons [...]

A Mothers Way (Poem)

As I watch others post to their feeds. Mothers day and all great deeds. Sharing love and glory you see. I place my head down and remain unseen.   Serving reminder, that what is gone. While this day is a special bond. For me there is always something wrong. My love for my mother held [...]

In The Cold (Poetry)

So many things we see on TV. Kids are getting raped, killed, or going missing. How does one decide, today's the day. A sick minded fool, could be after you. In my heart, it pangs for those. Victims of life, the innocents disposed. This world growing, oh so cold. Some of us, don't even grow old. Another reality, tainted [...]

It's live!!!

OK guys i'm nervous about this. I'm just nervous in general having you guys see my dorky exterior 😛 I just  posted Salvaging on YouTube Click here to enjoy the video now