Uphill Battle

Spring is coming!! 😀

I talk about this every year as the new life, and world springs to into growth, and the beauty that comes along with it. Well, except for these irrational spurts of snow storms we keep getting out here.

The thing is, whether its nature, humans, animals…bugs! 😀 Spring is a beautiful reminder that things cannot grow without first going through a period of darkness.

Therefore, life is designed to give you a multitude of experiences, and downfalls.

“The master has failed more times; then the beginner has even tried.”

A common misconception: We tend to see setbacks as failure, and forget they are merely a growing experience.

Interesting tidbit: During my candidacy, a handful of people approached me with negative comments such as;

  • “You don’t stand a chance.”
  • “It’s not your time.”
  • “Are you even qualified enough to be a council member?”
  • “OH! Your running? Shoot I should run for town council than.” As if I’m that pathetic that If I could run, anyone could run.


Guys before you get upset. Remember one thing.

A true mark of maturity is when someone offends, hurts, or insults you, but rather then hurting them back you choose to understand their situation.”

That journey again guys. Everyone has it. Therefore, when people hate on you, simply remind yourself that how others treat you, reflects their character. Not yours.

Which brings me back to life lesson #4 “Treat people how you want to be treated because that shit finds you.”

Thanks mom!

In no way shape or form am I complaining or even upset about my experiences. Truth be told, it’s been a long time since things like that have phased me.

My supporters tho…

Now that I’ve lost, I’ve heard an abundance of, “Don’t be depressed because you lost.”

First of all, Ya’ll are awesome. True believers most def. I love each and everyone one of you for caring that much.

However, my journey… has always been an uphill battle.

I’m not going to list off an entire segment of this, that, there, where, how’s and things. In four years, I’ve shared some things. For the abundance of newbies tuning into my journey, I welcome you and encourage you to get curious about my earlier postings.

Moving forward:

“The harder the journey, the bigger the purpose.” #StuffRareSays #Melasophical

Oh boy! Have I learned a lot…

When I hear, “Don’t be depressed.” I stay silent. What I want to say is, “Let me tell you a little something about life.”

If your beloved RareBear was going to break, she would have already done so. Life has not been sugar-coated for me.


It’s a story that is not easy to swallow.

But, that’s Ok. It HAS shaped me.

Let me reel it in a bit with a pinpointed example.

When I lost mom, life shattered. When I lost dad, I shattered.

BUT! Instead of breaking, I patiently stood by myself and picked up all my little pieces and carefully placed them back together again.

Your RareBear prevailed because she is resilient.

I could be sad about the election. Shoot! I could be sad about getting fired from my job BECAUSE I was running. I’m not.

You see, losing the election, and my job are merely setbacks in life, WE all go through.

Let me ask you, “Did my message speak to you?”

Did I make you think differently?

Yeh! Goal achieved!

With that said, I shall remind you to take care of yourselves, and support those who support you.

Take a few moments out of your day to gaze off into nature. Be reflective.

See ya on the next one. ………