My Greatest Challenge

“Don’t let society dishearten you. Stay true to your own self rather than pleasing and/or living up to false expectations because no matter how impressive our character, people will ALWAYS focus on our downfalls and disadvantages over our strengths and niches.” #StuffRareSays

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Imagine a fish being judged by its ability to climb a tree.
How that may impact and make that fish feel.
The fish is not designed to climb trees.
Instead, they are designed to swim in rivers, lakes and the sea.
That is their home and their realm expertise.

As one would not expect a deer to swim off into the depths of the ocean…
We would not expect a fish to run wild in the forest.

And yet…

While we do not judge those animals by their ability
We judge humans by theirs.

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I have spent my entire life…
Having my abilities judged based off my height and looks.

Underestimation at its finest.

A struggle that in my earlier years hit hard in ways you can’t even imagine.

“You’re too short to be important.”
(Be strong, brave, logical or impressionable)

“You’re too pretty to be smart.”

“You’re too short to be old enough.”

“Don’t worry your pretty little head about it cause’ that’s not your place.”

“You look to young to handle that by yourself.”

“You can’t do that, you’re still young and naïve.”  

“Your looks make you look incompetent.”

“You’re not the one who will make an impact.”

Your beloved RareBear

Having a mind over looked.
A skill set under took.
Her abilities unseen.
With wisdom beyond her years…
Being undervalued…

Has been told on many occasions that…
“She isn’t good enough”. 

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To be real: 

 As I’ve aged, and evolved through my own personal journey these are aspects of my life that don’t affect me as they once did in my youthful years.
However, it is still a discrimination that I face on the daily.
On both sides of the spectrum.
From ill intent to innocent assumptions.

People make these criticisms towards me

Why it doesn’t bother me:

It doesn’t matter what people think we lack
Their perception of US
Is a charactor flaw on their own part.


Despite these “downfalls” and restraints…

I still wake and rise every day as a conqueror.

Because that is who I am.
The strength of a warrior.
A presence like none other.
The patience of a mother.  
A determination and will to move mountains.
A heart of purity and moral value.

I move people.
I blow the minds of the people who take the time to see…ME.
For who I am.
In your case…..
Read ME.


Not only with my story but with my presence.

I am a legacy.

His legacy.

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It won’t ever matter what people tell us.
At the end of the day we are who we are
Strengths, weaknesses and all.

As we all have specific struggles on the daily that we fight against,
It is important to remind ourselves
That It’s not what others think of us that counts
Rather what we think of ourselves.

We live with US.

In reality we are ALL good enough.
Why else were we ALL born with specific gifts to enhance our niche?


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“It is within OUR passions, talents and niches, that WE begin to find ourselves. The moment you do, you’ll realize you’ve been looking at your priorties all wrong.” #StuffRareSays

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We are all born with unique talents and gifts for a reason. The true test in our lives is discovering what our gifts are AND embracing them.

“We always only have time for that which we prioritze.” #StuffRareSays

Oftentimes, we convince ourselves that we dont have time to Write, paint, draw, etc. whatever niche WE may have….
That is the most damning thing we can do to ourselves.
Bitmoji ImageNot only are our natural gifts fun to do…
Doing them serves to heal us.
Sometimes you gotta grind just to support…

The grind.

The reality:
We are all capable of managing what we want to do.
The success of our outcomes
Solely dependant on our dedication and motivation.
To achieve OUR goals.

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The point:
I didn’t find myself until I started doing ME.
That meant…
Writing my heart out.
Speaking up.
Standing up for what I believe in.
Stepping outside my comfort zone.
Creating impact where needed.
Working hard at it.
Holding down my fort.
Managing life’s struggles
Embracing the changes created by it.

Simple and to the point

Being Who I am.

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Do not underestimate your personal talents and abilties.
They may be the one place you haven’t looked yet.

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“It may not be common, but there will be times in our lives that we may not only see but experience and live within an anomaly.” #StuffRareSays

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“I can’t really explain it but I’ve never been able to get close with anyone else. Not since you.”

“It’s because we were imprinted.” 
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Fierce emotions flow
Through A tethered bond.
Melding us.

Blood rushes.

Bodies tremble.
Hearts rumble.

Time crumbles.

We jive like a rhyme.
Strong desires
Create our own chime.

We cannot restrain
A feeling so raw.
The beasts within
Shall begin to gnaw.

They pound with force.
Against our walls

Raging and roaring
Their calls

A Sheer determination
Break free of their cage.

Becoming one 
Destiny’s wake.
©Rarenwise 1-8-19

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Clarity Of The Mind

“Nothing noursishes the soul quite like the calm and blissful serenity of a quiet and still moment.” #StuffRareSays

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Do you hear that?
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I’m gonna say it…

You’ve probably said it!

Were ALL saying it…
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The kids are back in school!!!
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 I love my kiddos beyond measure.
We all love our kiddos beyond measure.
It is especcially awesome when we get extra time with them.


When your work space and home space are combined…
Getting work done can become…
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Quite challenging during holiday breaks.

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Like y’all didn’t know.

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One of my greatest tribulations during this two week break has been the constant struggle to distract and quiet down the little guys
To slip into my writer zone. 

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Do you know how hard it is to convince a kiddo to play quiet time for longer than 10 minutes?!
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The hardest part about being a writer WITH deadlines is…
Falling behind.
The hardest challenge an artist faces is…
Being pulled out of their mode. 

One does not simply sit right back down and…

Whether your a woodcarver, painter, writer, musician, etc.
You get it.

And so…

A bittersweet yet relieving moment this morning.
As I watched those cutie patooties walk out the door
Embark on their New Year
Fresh start.
Finishing off their school year…
With a bang!

As the house grew quiet, I began to soak in the peace of mind and clarity that fills a steadied soul.  

The lesson:
We ALL need ME time.
Without it we cannot be our best selves.
Even a break from our kiddos
Is crucial 
To be a better parent.
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With that said,
I’m going to embark on our first official week of the year
back in the…
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For now…
lets fill up another cup and refuel our souls together.Bitmoji Image

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