A Year In Review: Embarking

“They’re Ruthless.”

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Aside from our usual first week of the New Year’s blues…
(May DAD R.I.P 2014)
2018 started with a bang!!

Three weeks in and I was filing to run for Town Council.

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Do you guys remember that?!

Taking that step was a nerve-wracking experience for me. From beginning to end.

Here’s the thing: I didn’t run for the position to be a politician. I ran for the position to step up and make a difference the only way I know how.

“Lead by example.” 

An impact made.
Message heard loud and clear.

After three years of observing how the meetings were conducted.
I knew something needed to be said.

Was I happy about all the exposure it gave me?

Not really.

Did the lime light scare me?
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Just a little.

I was perfectly happy being your everyday, humble neighbor layin’ low and enjoying the small things in life.

With a few remarkable traits.

One being…
Standing up for what I believe in
Being hard headed enough to pursue it.

And so…..
I had to do what needed to be done, who else would have?


I wasn’t the only one thinking this.

Several other people in my generation gap stepped up, and spoke their truths as well.

My peace: Just… Do it for the right reasons.

“There is a difference between seeking power and doing it because it’s the right thing to do.” #StuffRareSays

One thing that hurt: Losing a friend because they found out I was a “Politician”

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 If you can even call it that.

There is something about the way politicians play their little games that disgusts me beyond all reason.

I took some hard hits in so many aspects.

 I learned a lot about other people, and their TRUE intentions.


Thankfully, I already had the understanding that people’s assumptions of YOU carries no power over who you REALLY ARE.

Did it bother me to be underestimated? Nah…

“The thing about knowing who you are, where you came from, how it shaped you and what you bring to the table because of it is, ‘You don’t have nothing to prove to anybody.’ You are who you are. They either see it or they don’t.” #StuffRareSays


No one has time to tell the story of why you should like them.
Differences aren’t made by measuring.
They’re made by process.

“You need thick skin to hold a seat in office, don’t you?”
You’d be surprised at how often this naïve question gets asked.

Do I have thick skin? Plenty of it.
This one’s been getting shaped for quite some time now.

Having a youthful look: A blessing or a curse?
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“Life is different once you take a step outside your comfort zone.”

Did I step outside my comfort zone?
So far out of it, I almost landed on another plane.

OK not THAT much but it most definitely changed me.


Even though I didn’t win, I still got through my candidacy…

Will I do it again?
If that’s what it takes to make a difference for the people. I’m your gal.
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“It’s been a different one.”

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This entire year has been quite a ride. So many things happened. Changes, revelations, evolutions, blessings and painstaking’s WHICH each and every one of them created new paths for me.

You know, it’s one thing to say, “Jump outside your comfort zone.”

It is a WHOLE OTHER region when… you DO.

“Once you get the ball rolling, it doesn’t stop until it reaches its destination.”#StuffRareSays

Where you’ll go you never know.


You WILL get there.


2018 evolved me, almost broke me, stretched me thin, showed me my strengths, taught me who I am, opened my eyes, handed me blessings and the lessons.

It was a lot to weed through, and this holiday season was a perfect time to roll around in the grass.

Therefore, I took my time to reflect properly.

Come along with me as I break it down in pieces of:

“This Year In Review”
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Day Wreckers

“Those who strive to dull your sparkle, are not meant to orbit around you.”


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And so…..

If you have one of these types of people in your daily life….

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Message for my fellow creators:

“Anyone who justifies wrecking your…MODE…does not deserve to bask in the glories of it holds.”

Dear Mom & Dad

“We all have our downfalls. At times we crash and burn. We take our hits, keeping moving on, and hope to carry our lessons along.” #StuffRareSays

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Been thinking about you lately,

I’ve been experience a lot of what I’d lke to call…..
Oftentimes, they’ve left me reeling and on my knees.
Not literally
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While I’ve made wins and taken my losses.
Through it all,
I’ve overcome
I have learned to live life without you.

“Some days are harder than others.”

Today, was just….one of THOSE days.

I miss you.
I said it.
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Got me thinking…

The small things in life are what keep us going,.
We often take for granted
Lack to realize
It is in those gestures that has the greatest impact.

Where there was once  help,
There is not.
Where there was once love,
It is gone.
Where there was once reassurance,
There is none.
Once there was guidance
I’m on my own.
©Rarenwise 12-14-18
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