Intelligence Is Knowing….

“You don’t personally know someone based off of the judgements of their haters.”

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We know the people we know, and get the people we get. Don’t waste your time and energy feeling out others for information. So you can   Report back. You will always only be told what you NEED to hear.

On the flip side:

Be aware of who you are and, and who others are not. It is in those vibes that you will know their true intentions.

Genuine interactions are where the substantial conversations occurs.

Inspirational In The Works!!!


We all get there. That moment when everything is crashing down. weighing on us, making us….break. What is REALLY important to remember is that we ALSO in those moments need to slow it down. TAKE YOUR BREAKS! they are necessary. #StuffRareSays



How we regard others, Is how others will regard us. #StuffRareSays

One of the factors that I dislike about Facebook the most is, that people tend to post negatively about the opposite sex.


Now wait, Not EVERYONE does this, but there is a select generation, or types of persons that always does this.

To the male’s: Woman are always b****** or H*** or whatever disrespectful connotation they can think about in how they regard ALL woman.

The female’s: Generally post about how men ain’t this, or that, and how much more they’ve got on other B***** or how they can steal any girls man, kick this girl or those girls bottoms at the same time because their so hard.


“You ain’t savage if you gotta prove to everyone that your savage. especially all over social media”

Real savages make their moves in silence.

Real Talk:

Men: If you want to find a respectable woman, don’t openly disrespect woman on social media, in public, in conversations or in private. Our thoughts shape the world we live in, and while you continue to misuse, and mistreat woman you will eventually be misused and mistreated yourself.

The bottom line: You’ll continuously attract woman who are of that nature you describe because that is the world you are creating for yourself.  AND…. Those respectable woman you wish  so hard to find, SEE you, HEAR you, and are DISGUSTED by you. They will scroll on by NEVER giving you the time of day because to them, you are NOT a respectable man.

Woman: Trust me when I say, you have nothing to prove to anyone  but yourself. There is no need to speak up about your scandalous ventures, your moves, or what you have that others don’t. Competition is for the small-minded. Real woman rise up other woman. BTW those worthwhile men you wish you could find, hide from you because of your portrayal of yourself. Real men and Real woman don’t do drama.

“Be aware of the energy you project because you will receive it in return.”