“He makes the inner flame roar.” #StuffRareSays

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Revitalize me
Bring me back to life.
Hold onto me
Ever let me go.
Reassure me
Everything will be alright.
Embrace me
All that I am.
Give me
That you are.
Ignite thee
Candles in our hearts.
©Rarenwise 2-6-19

Red Flags Pt. 2

“You CANNOT force love. It is either there or it’s not.” #StuffRareSays

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We should never have to beg for someone’s time, attention, intimacy or affection. Those things are a given.
If you have been in or are currently in a relationship that requires you to beg for any of these aspects, you are walking along an uphill battle.

The only problem is: that it’s an uphill battle that leads to a cliff.
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When you get to the edge of that cliff you’re going to turn around and realize that you’ve spent most of your energy and time on a journey that was not meant for you in the first place, nor worthwhile.

Know your red flags.
You waste your time.

Relationship Goals

Ladies and Gents!
I interrupt this poetry session to throw out some real talk


Words from the wise

You cannot mistreat your partner, and expect them to stand by your side forever. You cannot be mean-spirited, and expect for the other person to be nice in return. You CANNOT tell your partner your done, and expect them to keep trying. You cannot say mean things out of anger, and expect those words to just…simply go away.


You can be loving. Be affectionate. Be kind, and give your all.

“Giving someone your time is the most valuable gift of all.”

Which means: If you sit around ignoring them, not responding to them when they speak to you, and ignoring them, you aren’t doing anything to keep them. ….If you don’t give your partner  any time, you WILL lose them. Simply put.



Changes and revelations usually come within large shifts like this. What’s yours? I’ve reflected many things over the years, but lately my answers have been coming across far more clear. Surrpise, surprise, while some of those answers should hurt me, I am more relieved, and extremely grateful to finally be on a new path with new futuristic goals.

What are yours?

Don’t be afraid to make the leap, you never know what awaits you on the other side of that triump.


  • Go get the girl.
  • Ummm…go get the guy.
  • Go get your promotion.
  • Don’t skip that offer with great opportunities.
  • Don’t reject the opportunities that scare you.
  • Don’t stop now.