“It may not be common, but there will be times in our lives that we may not only see but experience and live within an anomaly.” #StuffRareSays

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“I can’t really explain it but I’ve never been able to get close with anyone else. Not since you.”

“It’s because we were imprinted.” 
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Fierce emotions flow
Through A tethered bond.
Melding us.

Blood rushes.

Bodies tremble.
Hearts rumble.

Time crumbles.

We jive like a rhyme.
Strong desires
Create our own chime.

We cannot restrain
A feeling so raw.
The beasts within
Shall begin to gnaw.

They pound with force.
Against our walls

Raging and roaring
Their calls

A Sheer determination
Break free of their cage.

Becoming one 
Destiny’s wake.
©Rarenwise 1-8-19

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Relationships: Stress or Bliss

“It’s not our actions that play into the full impact of a situation. It’s how we take responsibility for or don’t take responsibility for, that defines US.”

“Accountability and integrity can be one in the same.”

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Whether your looking at a friendship, a relationship, family,
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Or…Soul mate
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Here are 10 traits of a healthy relationship:

1. Genuineness
3. Communication
5. Understanding
6. Honesty
7. Patience
8. Loyalty
9. Friendship
10. Love


“If they can lie about the little things…
They WILL lie about the big things.”

Love yourselves enough to know who does or doesn’t work in your orbit.
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He cuts right in 
With a jagged edge.
Something about his stance.
Remorse goes cold
As he reaches for his goal.
A fight to win
Not feel at home.
©Rarenwise 9-17-18


Life Lesson #89

Just doing by best to keep up with he flow. Between work, the blog, the book, the Co-Chair positiion, and the mom life. I’m pretty bogged down. Thanks for always supporting.