Sunday Musings

Walk along in life feeling things as if for the first time. Experience hard, feel hard, and love hard. search not for someone to calm the nerves of a lonely heart but rather, some one capable of kindling the flame within your spirits candle. Let it burn!


Notice The Little Things 

When you are hurting most that is when true colors come out to play. Pay mind to who is there and who is not. The difference between will shine through. #StuffRareSays 

Top 5 ways to help your bestie, girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, dad, brother, twice something removed something er other 😂🤣


Be there for your loved one in their time of need by following four simple steps:

  1. Having empathy when they are expressing their pain. 
  2. Listen and understand, nothing you can do, or say is going to change how the situation makes them feel. 
  3. Give them a hug without hesitation or inhibition.
  4. Distract them from their pain. Don’t keep reminding them.

Oh…and…if YOUR not around in person…


Back to step one and repeat. 

Rare out😎🖖

See ya on the next one 😉

Follow Your Dreams

Whether your female or male. Follow your dreams. Something ive realized over my experiences over my life is, that if your dreams match up, so do your souls. keep it real. For it will open  the door to your true destiny, and those who belong near you.


Would a vegetarian ever work with a meat eater? Nah!

Just and example 

Hold up! Before you run off on me….

Don’t forget that the difference between success and failure is your attitude towards your journey. You cannot expect to have instant gratification, that all takes work. It’s about stepping into it with the mere goal of making a difference. Therein lays the crux…Innovators are leaders.


Catch ya on the next one