“Don’t take for granted, moments, time, and people. Cherish it all. Most importantly, engage it wisely.” #StuffRareSays

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Life shall come
It shall pass.
Take not for granted
A moments glance

Life unfolds
Stories are told.
Embrace the ones
You’ll forever hold.
©Rarenwise 11-14-18






Inspirational Coming Soon!!!!


“A once tragic Story Turned to Bliss.”


If only words could express.
Everyday joys at their best.
A simple phrase left unsaid.
inevitable fate, bound by kinetics.
©Rarenwise 11.3.18

Summer Vibes

Summer vibes and happy cries.
The world awake and full of shine.

A sunny day will have its way
While tiny feet seem unafraid.

Grab your balls and beach towels.
Take a swim and freshen those bones.

Fish,Swim, Run, Or hike.
Maybe take a ride; on your bike.

The world large with possibilities
Enjoy your tides and humilities.

©rarenwise 9-11-16
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