Through The Hurdles

“The thing is:
We arent given a whole lot of time to get things right. We either live in the moment or miss out. We live and learn by the process and the last thing we want to look back on is all the times we let ourselves down. Instead, keep the ball rolling.” #StuffRareSays

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Life is spinning
Days are racing
Time is flying


Goals are brewing
Ambitions growing

New days ahead
Don’t drop the ball
Bounce the moments
Get through your hurdles.
©Rarenwise 1-4-19
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“The thing about life is: there will always be obstacles in the way of where you want to go. That’s the point. The true test is in our faith, and determination. Not the path. Without obstacles, we wouldn’t know what were made of.” #StuffRareSays

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“I awoke to the sound of a dresser drawer shutting.
As I rolled over and realize what time it was, 6:30AM. I was bemused.

“I was running fast.
Dodging as many paint ball bullets as possible.

There was no way out.
I’d managed to back myself into a corner.
I tried to wriggle my way through a small opening. 
The other team is gaining on me. “
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I must admit, This Holiday vacation has been somewhat exhausting.

With the kiddos home that means there’s a whole lot less ME TIME going on.

Without ME TIME there isn’t a whole lot of BLOG TIME


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I’ve had a few daunting moments in the past few days that almost broke me down spiritually.

Parenthood isn’t easy.
Joyous yes.
Complex indeed.
Especially when we are working parents.
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With the kiddos home
In my work space…
Getting things done has been a futile battle.
Jay hasn’t necessarily been one to understand nor respect the value of my workspace in the house.
When It comes to setting positive examples……

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Let’s just say….

Deaf ears.

You might as well forget about it, unless you want to hear a million and one reasons why he’s gonna do it anyway.

And so…..

I miss my quiet time.

“Relationships based on competition CANNOT thrive. These unions require unity to grow.” #StuffRareSays

You must ask yourself on a daily basis,…
“Do I care more about always bing right?
Do I want to be happy?

“Happiness thrives with an open mind.” #StuffRareSays

With sheer determination and gull

I am riding those waves until I’ve conquered the obstacle.

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Until then…
I’ll see ya on the next one.
Will it be a poem….
A segment….
Who knows

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Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite cup of tea and come along on this journey with me.
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A Year In Review: Transitions

“As our life passes, our years begin to blend together. It is our remarkable experiences that will stand out.” #StuffRareSays

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“The universe has a peculiar sense of humor.” #RoofTop

I suppose we always knew. We just weren’t ready. With such fierce endearment towards one another, it stung deep to be ripped apart. It took the experiences of life to guide us back to each other. The moment all the pieces came together, everything made sense.
An unbreakable bond.

A few weeks had passed and the storm was in its calm. As conversations continued between… Let’s call them… Count Vader.

The holidays were off to a great start.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen my big bro. Since we lost dad to be exact. I miss my bro. With only five months until he came home, I was getting anxious.”

Remember that call?

That big bro came home five months early. A thanksgiving miracle.

That has been a treat.
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With Vader and The bro coming back into my life simultaneously, I now had a lot more to things to contemplate and shuffle through.


Mom life
Community effort

Despite it all….
I toggled  it all like a champ.
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The beginning of the end.

“Were just roommates. We’re not even friends.”
He said with hate in his heart.

I’ll probably hold onto that statement from here on out.
It was a defining moment between Jay and I.
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On top of that list up there, things were tense between us.

I’d say it got rough.
Mean-spirited things were said.
Things that cannot be taken back.

And so….

We had to establish.
drinking a soda with an apathetic expression while looking away from a dumpster fire

Despite our differences, we chose to have a happy Christmas anyway.

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A few days later:

With everything else in line, my Sweet Pea is home for a visit.

Just in time to kick off the New Year!

I’m choosing NOT to have a new year’s resolution this year.

The thing is: we shouldn’t wait for a “New Year, New Me” to evolve ourselves.

To be continued….

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A Year In Review: The Power In Numbers

“You’ll never know the impact you can make if you’re unwilling to get out there and exercise your voice.” #StuffRareSays

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“There is nothing quite like coming out of my usual beginning of the year, three month tunnel of darkness like the spring of life into summer.”  
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Even though I didn’t win the election, I WAS and STILL AM on a mission.

The success of my mission has not ever been dependent on winning.


I stayed involved.

It was an amazing summer.
Not because it was filled with lots of relaxation and awesome vacations.
If only….


Because I got to take part in helping various organizations, strive hard to make a difference.
Within and outside the community.

I’d never seen the power in numbers come into play until I took part in witnessing the large numbers of people coming together in protest over REAL causes and concerns involving the greater good of…

The people.

It was through this time that I’d spoke with, impressed with my viewpoint, and shook hands with…

A gentleman who I’d had no clue would soon take part in a decision making process for OUR school.
A five minute conversation, a question asked, and a revelation made.

“Given the right opportunity anything can be achieved.” #StuffRareSays


These events led up to that day….

The impact: I walked into a decision making boardroom, and waited in anticipation. Loads of people started piling in. So many, that a second room was needed for people waiting to speak. After standing by and listening to forty seven plus people speak their peace, on how natural gas and fossil fuels are destroying the earth and the people on it, in hopes their stance would be taken into consideration, we were hoarded out so the commissioners could decide.

Afterwards, we spoke personally with one of the land commissioners about it more. We did not see or hear of the immediate results but as the days passed, the impact was made clear.

We’d made our difference.

It was during this six week adventure that my eyes began to open more. I started to see who stood by me and who stood apart from me.

From family members, friends, relationships, and much more.

Certain friends showed their true colors as frenemies, family members “Disowned” me, my haters surfaced, people I’d normally enjoyed speaking with had changed towards me, and I no longer knew who I could trust.


My inner circle got tighter, other family members became advisers, my good friends became strong allies and I made tons of strong connections who also became allies.  

On an important note…

I laid down important ground work for the future, and continue to make an impact where impact is needed.

With or without anyone by my side.

Is it fun to be treated differently? Meh…. I’m unique for a reason.

Does it bother me to have haters? Nah…

I came to the revelation long ago that, “If you ain’t got no haters you ain’t poppn’”


In case any of you need to hear it?

Let your haters be your motivators!!

Trust me when I say,

“It’s not about what time you show up for action but rather that you are there.” #StuffRaresays

Let us hope that statement doesn’t fall upon blind eyes and deaf ears.


I’m aware that I cannot please everyone and truthfully that is NOT what I’m here for. I’m here to remind us all just how important we all are. For ourselves, for each other, and TOGETHER.

You know…

Simply making sense of this journey we ALL call life.

After all that work was said and done, our strong group of people decided to continue moving forward. Creating amazing and new opportunities for me.

As so….

I took it on…..


“I suppose as the years pass the tunnel isn’t so dark anymore. Even though the loss is great, and still heart wrenching, the sting not so prominent.” #StuffRareSays

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