Breaking Points

We tend to forget that we carry the power to.....

Stay Focused And You Shall See (Inspirational Tuesday)

It's been a few days. Have you noticed? ­čśŤ OK,OK, so I've been kinda...well...heavily distracted. I'm taking a 36 hour online class, that I've been cramming into the last week. I still have two sections, a final exam and a few more things to finish up before i can fully warp back into my writers [...]


I'm sorry ... sorry post is just not gonna happen to... I've spent 13 hours now with issues, that are obviously unresolveable. I can't poat, or access my worpress. Here's hoping my phone works

Scars (Poem)

She carries the weight upon her sheath. Deep rooted angst; underneath. Plated songs of┬ámelancholy. A strength runs deep from over; coming. A gilded crown she's seen her bounds. A glimpse of life floods all around. Glistening eyes; shackled and un-found. A queen in her own, she takes her round. ┬ęRare-ity 7-28-16 "Live, love, and enjoy. [...]