Breaking Points

“In order to bring peace to your mind, you must first reach a healthy level of relaxation, focus, and clarity.”  #StuffRareSays
©rarenwise 2018

Breaking points: 

We all have them. One can only take so much before they burst. Simply remember to stop for a moment, breathe and let go. Sometimes our greatest losses are caused by tensions that can easily be let go of BEFORE allowing a moment of impact to create millions of moments in regret. To be honest, when we are angry, upset, sad or dissapointed we forget that there is a simple shift in our thought process that can be done. While we all tend to focus on the negative more, we let our positive moments slip through the cracks. As I’ve said in the past… Wthout the negatives we CANNOT have the positives so……..

“Let us see our blessings rather than our failings.” #StuffRareSays

Message to my poetic lovers:
Another poem coming tomorrow!!!



Stay Focused And You Shall See (Inspirational Tuesday)

It’s been a few days. Have you noticed? 😛 OK,OK, so I’ve been kinda…well…heavily distracted. I’m taking a 36 hour online class, that I’ve been cramming into the last week. I still have two sections, a final exam and a few more things to finish up before i can fully warp back into my writers nooks of the world. My brain hurts. 😓


There have been moments this week when I thought’ i’d never get through it. I wanted to stop, and not think about it for a while. Shoot! I even tripped, fell and hurt myself, confusing myself to taking a few days to me… Am I accident prone?  😛 oops!  The smack to my head left me kind of ..strange. Aging…. you just can’t escape it. Everything hurts just a little bit more.

I was re-learning many things I’ve already learned through my studies. While at first, I wanted to be angry, annoyed and irked that I even had to go through it…  I kept getting through. Slowly but surely I creeped closer to 100% And…I DID IT!!!! Noe I’m glad I did it.

What did this experience teach me. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

But it showed me the true strength and agility we creators can and truly have. It’s not the battles we face everyday, but rather how we handle them, and how we decide to face them.

Are you struggling with over stimulation in your life right now?

Are you stressed out about getting something done? 

Keep going. Even if it’s slowly. Every little bit counts, towards the whole. I took yesterday off because I needed to revitalize my mind again. I posted a video on YouTube earlier with a spoken word poem from my book “For Better Or Verse” 

Inspirational thought of the day:

Don’t let your insecurities make you the person you know you don’t want to be. Don’t let obstacles take you down. You are successful, and you will prevail. Keep on pushing. That moment when you think nothing is going to work out, everything falls apart, and you just simply don’t believe anymore… is the moment right before the magic happens. In the light of that darkness keep stepping, and you’ll see the light at the end of that tunnel. You’ll see the purpose, and know you overcame.

Happy Inspirational Tuesday
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I’m sorry … sorry post is just not gonna happen to… I’ve spent 13 hours now with issues, that are obviously unresolveable. I can’t poat, or access my worpress. Here’s hoping my phone works

Scars (Poem)

Photography ©Rare-Ity 2016

Photography ©Rare-Ity 2016

She carries the weight upon her sheath.
Deep rooted angst; underneath.
Plated songs of melancholy.
A strength runs deep from over; coming.

A gilded crown she’s seen her bounds.
A glimpse of life floods all around.
Glistening eyes; shackled and un-found.
A queen in her own, she takes her round.
©Rare-ity 7-28-16

“Live, love, and enjoy. You only got one shot.” ©Rare-ity 2016