Stay On Course

Stay motivated. Stay determined. You can always skip something because your down and out, but the opportunity does not wait. 

While emotions are momentary, when you overcome, those rewards last a lifetime. 

Success Starts With…

People who are succesful have similar traits. One being, minding their own and getting things done.

The journey to success doesn’t wait for procrastination, or nonsense. #StuffRareSays

I posted this tweet last night, and because you can’t really post in length, I decided I would break down the difference between do’ers and sabatogers.

Since do’ers are more focused on doing, they tend to succeed more because their focus is on their own career goals, personal goals, and daily goals.

Sabatogers are stuck, unhappy, and live stagnant lives, because they are far more focused on the destruction of others success, that they lose sight of their own goals they could be achieving.

Since it’s Sunday, I’m going to keep this one short.

But wait!

Since your here…

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Slump Mode

I must admit, I’m burnt out. I’m not sure how, but this past week left me very drained, causing a lack of creativity, and also energy. Therefore, I am going through my rejuvenation cycle yet again.

Something I don’t think I’ve ever admitted to you is:

I like me some video games. Only, I play them moderately. One of my fave PC games is…YES! you caught me. The Sims.


If The SIMS and Pure Leaf (Organic brand) sponsored me, I’d be pretty darn content. hehehe.

Aside from the other games I like to play, which a lot of you who know me on a more personal level already know what games I like to play, I bring up the sims because, this game tends to put me back into the right head space.

I like the game, but get bored with it quick. I like detail. Which is probably why my ultimate fave will ALWAYS be Zelda, but I don’t own a switch.  So… I’ll make do.

and ANOTHER THING! It has been a while since I’ve been feeling my poetic mood also…ahhh   Calling all fellow poets… tips? Strategies?

OK, for now this was a quick update. I was surprised at how many of you DM’d on Instagram, Twitter, AND Snapchat to make your guess in the new interactive cartoon segment. The next piece is coming soon. So soon that it’s already halfway constructed in a draft WOOOO!  So if you haven’t tuned in, or made your guess do so ASAP before I take off. 

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Have I ever told you the story of how I met George R.R Martin face to face? Yeh… it’s an interesting one, and It’s coming soon.