Don’t Be That Guy

“Our personal struggles do not give us the right nor justification to treat others badly. No ONE is responsible for our pain and no ONE should “pay” for the pain we carry inside.” #StuffRareSays

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The thing is:

We all have struggles.
We can either walk around
Preconceived assumptions about people….
That will impact not only how we treat them
US as a person.
Walk WITH understanding
The path we walk…
Bears the fruit…
Within our own actions.

Be mindful with how you treat others.
WE ALL have struggles.
Which means…
NO ONE has time for bullshit.
Proving themselves.



“It is within OUR passions, talents and niches, that WE begin to find ourselves. The moment you do, you’ll realize you’ve been looking at your priorties all wrong.” #StuffRareSays

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We are all born with unique talents and gifts for a reason. The true test in our lives is discovering what our gifts are AND embracing them.

“We always only have time for that which we prioritze.” #StuffRareSays

Oftentimes, we convince ourselves that we dont have time to Write, paint, draw, etc. whatever niche WE may have….
That is the most damning thing we can do to ourselves.
Bitmoji ImageNot only are our natural gifts fun to do…
Doing them serves to heal us.
Sometimes you gotta grind just to support…

The grind.

The reality:
We are all capable of managing what we want to do.
The success of our outcomes
Solely dependant on our dedication and motivation.
To achieve OUR goals.

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The point:
I didn’t find myself until I started doing ME.
That meant…
Writing my heart out.
Speaking up.
Standing up for what I believe in.
Stepping outside my comfort zone.
Creating impact where needed.
Working hard at it.
Holding down my fort.
Managing life’s struggles
Embracing the changes created by it.

Simple and to the point

Being Who I am.

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Do not underestimate your personal talents and abilties.
They may be the one place you haven’t looked yet.

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