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This is my first Saturday off in months and I am choosing to be lazy AF.

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Well except for all those household chores I now have more time to get done.

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Mom life… Gotta love it.

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Being on the grind six days a week, and blogging seven days a week definitely gave me a run for my money
I’m feeling the effects heavily and severely.

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Granted, I’d love to blog seven days a week.
Having to work 6 days a week on top of it
That is not something this mom of four can afford to do right now.

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And so… 

“You gotta have the grind, in order to … support the grind.”

Today’s message will be short, sweet and simple.

 “Slow it down, and tend your own gardens. Remember that our personal gardens require nourishment as well.” #StuffRareSays

But first!

Let me read a book

peacefully reading


“The thing about life is: there will always be obstacles in the way of where you want to go. That’s the point. The true test is in our faith, and determination. Not the path. Without obstacles, we wouldn’t know what were made of.” #StuffRareSays

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“I awoke to the sound of a dresser drawer shutting.
As I rolled over and realize what time it was, 6:30AM. I was bemused.

“I was running fast.
Dodging as many paint ball bullets as possible.

There was no way out.
I’d managed to back myself into a corner.
I tried to wriggle my way through a small opening. 
The other team is gaining on me. “
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I must admit, This Holiday vacation has been somewhat exhausting.

With the kiddos home that means there’s a whole lot less ME TIME going on.

Without ME TIME there isn’t a whole lot of BLOG TIME


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I’ve had a few daunting moments in the past few days that almost broke me down spiritually.

Parenthood isn’t easy.
Joyous yes.
Complex indeed.
Especially when we are working parents.
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With the kiddos home
In my work space…
Getting things done has been a futile battle.
Jay hasn’t necessarily been one to understand nor respect the value of my workspace in the house.
When It comes to setting positive examples……

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Let’s just say….

Deaf ears.

You might as well forget about it, unless you want to hear a million and one reasons why he’s gonna do it anyway.

And so…..

I miss my quiet time.

“Relationships based on competition CANNOT thrive. These unions require unity to grow.” #StuffRareSays

You must ask yourself on a daily basis,…
“Do I care more about always bing right?
Do I want to be happy?

“Happiness thrives with an open mind.” #StuffRareSays

With sheer determination and gull

I am riding those waves until I’ve conquered the obstacle.

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Until then…
I’ll see ya on the next one.
Will it be a poem….
A segment….
Who knows

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Happy 4th!!! 2018

Today, we celebrate the anniversary of our independence.

While, I could go into details of the how’s, why’s, when’s, this or that’s, y’all probably already know these details. So… I wont.

Lately, my circadian rhythm has been quite off. This means that my sleeping patterns have been somewhat erratic. Causing me to wake up later than normal, and also get posts up later. 

I dislike when this happens.

This also means that my creative mindset is also at a hilt.

With my current cloudy mind, I could totally use a day of recovery. Yet, I am still motivated to get things done. I mean….

How could I think of disappearing on you now?

This family celebrates the day with a cookout.

We had kabob’s last year, but this year the kids chose grilled BBQ chicken.

I enjoy our family time, and we do what it takes to utilize the day as best possible.

The hardest part of today, is how much I think of my deceased veteran father. For, it is also his day. These moments, that we all hold onto and cherish through life, and those that we no longer have to hold, leaves me with one message for today.

Life is short. Live life-like there is no tomorrow, and appreciate those while there is still an opportunity to do so. #StuffRareSays  


“it’s the kind of day, to just…JOURNAL.”

I used to carry a journal with me, that I’ve recently learned not carry anymore.


Because those with ill intent are always more curious to lay their eyes upon your darkest and deepest secrets. 


My BFF recently had her journal stolen by those who she though she could trust the most. As that journal got spread around, she expressed how it felt like a form of violation. No joke!

Which made me realize those who violate one’s privacy without being invited in, are the lowest of low.

I also had a meeting with a person, who was so desperate to get their eyes on what I had written in my journal, that I realized in that moment, I wouldn’t carry it around anymore.

Oh right!!

While, it’s not safe to carry one around… As a writer, you should always have one at your disposal.

“The most sure-fire cure to writers block, is journaling. ”

So… Journal, journal, and journal some more, because once you spill all your disorganized thoughts onto those pages, you will soon begin to reveal the content.