The Floor is Lava!

First of all, can I just gripe about how flipping annoying it is to take kids to the grocery store? OMFG! Parenthood moments 101. Today, I took comfort in seeing a gentleman with his two boys, each about two years younger than my two boys. Why? Because, he too, experienced the same struggle.


Who invented this grocery store game anyway? Why does it seem to be some sort of parenting rite of passage that WE parents have to endure?

After repeatedly reminding my boys that they were embarrassing me, whoa, whoa, whoa, before you go there, my 6-year-old almost took down an elderly man by slamming into him. I WAS embarrassed.

The plus side: While, I searched for pie crust, Honey Bear asked if we could make chocolate chip cookies too. Mmmnn! Without hesitation, I told him to help me gather our supplies.

We settled ourselves at home, and began the real adventure. Wooo! Chocolate Chip Cookies here we go!

As stated in my Instagram post,

I allowed my son to take the driver’s seat

And the story goes a little something like this:

Honey Bear reached for the bag of flour and began his rushed struggle at opening it. Hehehe have you ever seen a kid on Christmas morning so excited to get their toy out of the packaging,  that they turn into miniature hulks?

RAWR!! Smash, and POOF! He ripped the flour open and a white storm of flour exploded all around us. 😀 oops! I may have forgotten to instruct him on being gentle. I mean, who knew that kind of mayhem was possible in the matter of seconds it took me to pull out our measuring cups?

Either way, we had one serious laugh session over it.

He proceeded to add the rest of the ingredients, and things seemed to be going pretty smooth. Until, the sugar. We both held the bag of sugar, tipping it slowly over the mixing bowl. Only, we tilted too far. The bag and have its contents spilled into the bowl. Nice!!

“Oh nooo!” I sprang into action scooping as much sugar as I could back into the bag. I smiled at Honey Bear and said, “Your learning a lot today aren’t you?”  He responded with, “Uh huh too much.”

After taking a few moments to breathe and reassess the situation, we were back at it, or so I thought. Vanilla extract became the next obstacle in our mom and Son adventure. I started to open it, but didn’t realize I had the contents directed at him. As I squeezed the bottle and popped off its top, a nice squirt shot into his face, and all over the wall.

“”Ah!” he screeched, and began wiping his face. All I could do was freeze, with my mouth hanging open. I felt TERRIBLE. For a moment he looked at me as if I had intentionally splashed him, but instead if getting upset, he reacted with laughter.

What?” I asked, but he only laughed harder. (Those of you who follow me on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook have heard this cute laugh of his.)

I asked again, “What is so funny?”

He replied, “The look on your face.”

We completely broke down laughing, and for a moment we shared a glance that said it all. We were creating a monumental moment. One where it’s OK to make messes, and it’s OK to mess up, as long as we are learning, and having a good laugh while we’re at it too. That’s being productive.

Most importantly: That accidents happen, and there is no reason to get upset over them.

We finished our cookie dough and began baking.

A job well done!

Our ingredients:

2 ¼ Cup All-purpose flour
1 Tsp baking soda
1 tsp. salt
1 Cup (2 sticks) butter softened
¾ Cup granulated sugar
¾ Cup packed brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 large eggs
1 ¾ Cups chocolate chips
1 Cup chopped nuts (optional)

P.S the cookies came out awesome. Except for the last batch that we forgot to pull out.

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