The Oceans Waves

“One of the most important things a parent can do for their children is: Encourage them to be who THEY ARE.” #StuffRareSays

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When we’re born, we aren’t given an instruction booklet with all our deats or cheat codes with helpful tips. We all come in learning, AND we all go out…. Learning. As long as we understand the concept that WE are ever-changing, we are always improving.

With that said, it also means that we come in NOT knowing who we are. Our experiences shape us. Our mistakes teach us. Our actions define us. Our interests create us. Thus, leading us to WHO WE ARE.

Look at it like the ocean. We come. We see. We conquer. Only, it’s our choices through the process that determine the depth of our waters.
“Sink or Swim”.

It’s important to remind ourselves that just like us, our children too face their own treacherous waters. Be the beacon.

Last nights one on one sesh with MOM went pretty well. Bashington the little painter, just test drove his very first paint kit. I’d say, it’s his thing.

Christmas break is officially here!!!!
What a great kick start.

I'm a fan!

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