The Shuffle

Who needs a day off?

I had two weeks off from work and I didn’t even utilize them for time off. I’m beginning to see why my parents used to call me a little energizer bunny.

I just keep going, and going, and…..GOING!

Which is probably a leading cause as to why I got sick. Blah!

I’ve noticed an abundance of back to school photos swarming the internet. Oh the joys of sending your kiddos back to school, the heartwarming and nerve-wracking moments.

The Joys:

  • Shopping with the kiddos for new thangs.
  • The excitement of planning that first day outfit. (Girls)
  • The endearment of watching your little ones grow.

The Wracking:

  • Sending your little one’s off for the year where eight hours a day you have no say.
  • The anxiety of wondering how your kiddos will fair for the year. (Academically, and socially)
  • The quiet house

When did a quiet house become nerve-wracking for moms? 

 Probably when we got used to the circus of a full house.

To all the mom’s sending their little one’s off for the year, “Congratulations you’ve survived another summer shuffle!”

You know… that shuffle we all deal with when we have to make arrangements in order to continue working, or all that other glorious mom duty STUFF for summer.

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