Through The Hurdles

“The thing is:
We arent given a whole lot of time to get things right. We either live in the moment or miss out. We live and learn by the process and the last thing we want to look back on is all the times we let ourselves down. Instead, keep the ball rolling.” #StuffRareSays

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Life is spinning
Days are racing
Time is flying


Goals are brewing
Ambitions growing

New days ahead
Don’t drop the ball
Bounce the moments
Get through your hurdles.
©Rarenwise 1-4-19
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5 thoughts on “Through The Hurdles

  1. collectingcoffee says:

    For me, I find sometimes I’m in the moment creating prints, writing..and other times life takes over and you have to deal with it. I think we all look back to think what if. It’s normal.

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