Tides And Humblings


“Take the time to enjoy the little things. You can have experiences but you CANNOT remake a memory.”

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WE don’t need a holiday to remember our blessings.


We should always be grateful for our blessings, and those we share them wiith. 

With a full day of baking, and cooking ahead of me, I want to send a great big and awesome holiday greeting your way from US to YOU. 

Care deeply.
Live mindfullly.
Love wholly.
Notice your humblings.
©Rarenwise 11-22-18


Oh wow! It has been a while since I’ve updated y’all

Honey Bear is in Second grade this year. Bashington is officilly a kindergartner, Baby Blue is embarking on her toddler years like a rockstar, and Sweet Pea is … doing her thang.

All in all, it’s been a good year. Despite the struggle, and the journey entailed, I am counting my blessings today. What a beautiful and glorious day to be alive. With Christmas strutting right around the corner, I have been wrapping my head around what to even get the kiddos. Their interests are ever-changing. I will say, that decision became far more easier as I logged onto Amazon this morning and noticed all the sweet Black Friday Deals.

Not only do I recommend these items, but holy wow! You can’t beat what would normally be a  $57.00 Fire stick…. Wait for it…….. FOR $24.99!!!

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With my thought’s bouncing back and forth between a Nintendo Switch, or a Kindle Bundle deal for kids…. I think I figured it out.

Thank you Amazon for offering up sweet Black Friday Deals!!! 


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