Trains, No Planes, And Automobile

I must say… When our summer vacation started, I was highly hesitant to take the kiddos on summer vacation this year. Baby blue is so small still. Last summer we dipped out of town for a week, but with a six month old at the time, she was almost near impossible to have on that trip. While I support breastfeeding mothers (duh! I was one.) I think many mothers can agree that taking trips during those stages of your child’s life are irritating, and inconvenient. No one wants to stop on the side of the road for an hour when their gaining good time, and no one wants to stop in the middle of a fun experience to sit down on the sidelines for almost an hour. Bla! I can’t stand feeling tied down. 🤔 Maybe that’s just me….BUT! diapers, wipes, bottles, extra clothes, and all that Jazz sure know how to weight you down. Therefore, this summer while baby blue is STILL in diapers, and now entering her I GOTTA GET INTO EVERYTHING stage. Tantrums, fits, and screams oh my! It is a…lessor summer.

Since we have established this consistent vacation pattern in the past, we started feeling a little….stir crazy. Mhm yup so we planned a day trip adventure.


Our original goal was to hit up a place called Meow Wolf. The kids have been asking about it for weeks. If you saw my YouTube video, you got to experience part of Meow Wolf with us from the last time we went. I mean… It’s your Alice And Wonderland experience.

Here’s the kicker:

My oldest boy tends to get super car sick on long rides. While we have that dilemma resolved down to a T (We even have our favorite location spot to stop at in order to take our break from the road.) If any local readers are tuning in right now, your all familiar with the Devargas Shopping Center.

Anyhow, we stopped at the Albertsons grocery store for salads off their salad bar. Afterwards, we got sucked Into a time warp.

Inside the shopping center was a train exhibition, where the kids could conduct the trains, and watch all the cool engineered ones.

This experience took two hours out of our day, while mommy and daddy enjoyed watching the little ones have a blast. Not once did we rush. It was great. ☺️

By the time we got to Meow Wolf. It was too late. It was already filled with douch-y 20 something year olds waiting for that nights show to start inside the exhibit. Hey hey hey CHILL! they were legit rude AF. Not necessarily the most family friendly environment.

Epic fail! 😓

We ended up going to the mall instead. The kids got to ride the carasul, and WE found this awesome glow in the dark golf, and laser arena. ☺️🙌

See my Instagram profile for more of the experience @rarenwise (My Photography)

After all that walking, my bad knee was hurting so bad, we had to find a place to relax for a while.

We topped our evening off with a quiet…well somewhat quiet dinner with baby no nap beast. After it all, I suppose my message remains the same,












“When life catches you on the fly, embrace.”


We had a great day. As far as a Father’s Day goes, this was our best one yet.

See ya on the next one😎🤘….


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