Waves (Poetic)

Quick reflection: I work with someone who makes an extra special point to consistently remind me,

  • That I’ll never make a difference.
  • I’ll die before I will make a difference.
  • One person CANNOT make a difference.
  • Nothing will ever change.

Honestly, these comments should be bringing me down, and yet…. they are not. Instead, my thoughts veer……

Ohhhh but my dear, have you not been paying attention?

Every day, I plant the seed.
In all ways, you all see.
A world of beauty,
Lays within these.
Bright colored walls of integrity.
The tainted curtains drowning out.
Happiness w
ith jaded doubt.
The curtains bleed Insanities.
Smothering with hate and greed.
Yet here I  am, a newfound hope.
To rip them down a
nd let the darkness out.
The light shines bright into the depths.
So carry that torch into your next steps.
©Rarenwise 7-7-18


You see, if you’ve been tuned into the blog long enough, it started since day one. This lady has faced some of the darkest demons of the world. A survivor beyond a reasonable doubt. From my first blog post to current day, the message has always remained.

See: Amanda “Meets” Girl Meets World

As I said it in the article referenced, the smallest ripple can create the largest waves. While my journey has been touching close to five years with you, It also started in January locally. I can state with confidence, that I am planting seeds.

“Without the seed you cannot grow the garden.” #StuffRareSays

Most importantly: Those thousands of ripples each and every one of us creates…When infused (brought together) creates tsunami’s. 

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