Within Good Company

I can’t really say taking one’s own advice is anyone’s forte but This weekend. I took my own.

“Take two hours of your day, unplug, breathe, and relax.”

I asked for one thing this year for Mothers Day, and I am grateful to say,

“I GOT IT!!”

WE mothers, are…mothers everyday of the year, day after day, pulling courage through our stress, being proactive about everything our kiddos do, the list goes on. Therefore, this mothers day, I wanted to have a little freedom.


I spent my weekend without my phone, and hung out with some remarkable folks. Granted, I was only next door so if anyone needed me I was still around.

I may have forgotten to mention that my ride or die friend lives right next door, and she be lit fam.


I met my friends new boo thang, and he seems pretty dang legit.

The thing is: If I hadn’t intentionally left my phone at my house, I probably would have been so busy being on it that I would have missed out on those deep and profound conversations.
Have I mentioned Deep and profound is my thing.  

“By disconnecting, I ended up feeling more connected.” 

With that said, take the time for yourself to let loose, and be free.

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