Writer-iffic! Zombified Status.

“Only the purest forms of evil WILL find the negativity in EVERYTHING.” #StuffRareSays

Whether it’s something a person says/asks or something you see…. if you cannot see the positives in life…. YOU are whats wrong with the world and society today.

Not everyone is out to be evil. If you see that in people, you may be projecting your own inner self onto them.

Don’t be small-minded


Don’t make people into things they are not. Do NOT judge. It is NOT your place. Do not add to the evils that already exist all around us. Be the silver lining


Light the way.


It is a hard thing for me to see a society around me with people who lack serious moral values.  
There are more important things to life than who is or isn’t doing things our way.

On a personal note:

I am in my tunnel. I’ve decided to change the intro of my novel,  and WOW!  it is taking some serious thought. However, while I’m brainstorming these conceptS, I must compliment, your loyalty. I suppose it’s a great accomplishment to be able to throw in the towel for a while in order to focus that energy in other places and know that

You glorious readers are here waiting.

with that said…. I’m off to journal



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